Addressing and Ending Homelessness

"For too long, we have sought to manage homelessness. It is time we shift our approach toward ending homelessness. We know that homelessness has a solution - and that solution has always been housing."
-Liz Morales, Assistant City Manager, City of Tucson

Homelessness causes devastating impacts on the lives and to the wellbeing of the individuals and families who experience it. Addressing homelessness by providing housing and social services is not just the right thing to do, it also reduces demand on law enforcement, emergency health services, and other City services, saving City tax dollars.

The City of Tucson is taking bold action to address the crisis of homelessness using a shared strategy involving multiple City departments and countless community not-for-profit and faith-based partners.

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City of Tucson Initiatives to Solve Homelessness

Housing First Program

The City of Tucson's Housing First Program works to prevent and end homelessness through a comprehensive array of program strategies including:

  • Engagement Services including street outreach, homeless protocol, and mobile shower programs which serve to build a bridge between unsheltered Tucsonans and the resources they need to escape homelessness.
  • Housing Navigation and Connector Services which connect persons experiencing homelessness to short- and long-term housing solutions through housing-focused and comprehensive case management.
  • Emergency and Long-term Housing provided at four City-owned emergency shelters and long-term housing subsidy programs.

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Housing Central Command

Through the Housing Central Command initiative, the Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness is partnering with disaster management professionals and community agencies to rapidly rehouse unsheltered Tucsonans using a disaster response approach.

Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness

The City of Tucson serves as the lead agency for the Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness, a community coalition of more than 50 non-profit and government partners working together to solve homelessness in Pima County.

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Interagency Resource Coordination

The City of Tucson and Pima County work in partnership and co-employ an Interagency Resource Coordinator to develop and implement collaborative strategies to prevent and solve homelessness.

Homeless Work Program

The City partners with Old Pueblo Community Services to administer the Homeless Work Program through which persons experiencing homelessness obtain work experience and receive daily pay for work performed.

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Human Services Funding

The City awards grants to non-profit organizations providing emergency relief, shelter, housing, and supportive services for persons experiencing homelessness.

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