Planning and Development Services Wins Award of Distinction

Published on May 20, 2024

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PDSD was recently honored with the Award of Distinction at the Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Award Ceremony. This accolade highlights PDSD's exceptional efforts to improve the customer experience, promote transparency, and foster sustainable growth through initiatives such as the Casita Model Plan Design Competition, Permit Review Lanes, and the Permit Dashboard.

Casita Model Plan Design Competition

PDSD was awarded an AARP 2023 Community Challenge grant for this competition to address the need for affordable and accessible housing. In collaboration with AIA Southern Arizona, PDSD invited designers to submit ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) designs, resulting in 63 submissions. A jury selected 10 designs to feature in the Casita Model Plan Library, offering homeowners pre-approved plans to simplify and reduce barriers to building casitas, thereby enhancing Tucson's housing options.

Permit Review Lanes

Launched in August 2023, the Permit Review Lanes initiative streamlined the permit review process, significantly reducing review times. PDSD introduced targeted review times based on project scale, enabling faster approvals for smaller projects. Notably, permits for residential solar, residential trades, and electrical reconnects are now issued within one day. Fast Lane permits, aimed at residential models, commercial trades, and other specific projects, have a 15-day review target, expediting the overall process.

Permit Dashboard

Introduced in October 2023, the Permit Dashboard is an interactive tool designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in the permitting process. It provides insights into review times and the average duration from application to permit issuance. With an on-time review rate of approximately 85%, the dashboard has been well-received by stakeholders and the community, aiding in identifying areas for ongoing improvement.

The Award of Distinction recognizes PDSD's innovative approaches to enhancing the customer experience and its commitment to continuous improvement, transparency, efficiency, and collaboration.

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