Permit Review Lanes

What are Permit Review Lanes? Planning and Development Services (PDSD) has enhanced the permit review process, resulting in faster review times for specific permit types. PDSD has adjusted target review times according to the scale of the project, streamlining the turnaround time for smaller projects.

  • Express Lane provides same-day service for tasks like solar applications (originating from the SolarApp), residential electrical and plumbing projects, and electrical reconnections.
  • Fast Lane has a 15-day review target and covers tasks such as residential model homes, commercial trade projects, special inspections, manufactured homes, residential and commercial fences, and pool construction.
  • Standard Lane has a 30-day review goal and covers tasks such as residential and commercial alterations, new building permits, and non-SolarApp solar installations.
  • Complex Lane involves projects requiring approval for city zoning changes, special districts, and extensive development plans. This lane may have a dedicated project manager assigned. The timetable for review on this lane depends on the project's scale.


The Limited Scope Commercial Tenant Improvements is the fast lane's latest addition. The lane addition is for projects of 3,000 square feet or less within the 15-day approval process. No change of use is permitted. The criteria specifically cater to Group B, M, and U Occupancies, following the definitions outlined in the 2018 International Building Code.

  • Group B (Business) encompasses various occupancies such as Ambulatory Care Facilities, Banks, Barber and Beauty Shops, Outpatient Clinics, and various Professional Services, including Architects, Attorneys, Dentists, and Physicians.
  • Group M (Mercantile) is tailored for Drug Stores, Markets, Retail or Wholesale Stores, Sales Rooms, and similar establishments.
  • Group U (Utility) focuses on occupancies such as Agriculture Buildings, Carports, Private Garages, Sheds, and more.

The streamlined approach aims to facilitate the timely enhancement of commercial spaces while ensuring compatibility with the specified occupancy categories.

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