Infill Incentive District - Design Review Committee

The Infill Incentive District - Design Review Committee (IID-DRC) is established to review proposed buildings, structures, landscaping, architectural features, and site plans for projects opting to utilize the provisions of the Downtown Infill Incentive District (IID). Development under the provisions of the IID is subject to the requirements outlined in Section 5.12 of the Unified Development Code (UDC).  Read through the IID- DRC Rules of Procedure(PDF, 79KB).

IID-DRC meetings are held when projects are in need of review. Currently, meetings are held virtually. Meeting materials are presented as part of the virtual meeting. Members of the public may view, listen to, and participate in the meeting virtually.

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Meeting Agenda Legal Action
Case Handouts/Presentations/
       12/20/2023 DRAFT LAR and Meeting Minutes(PDF, 258KB)
 12/20/2023(PDF, 485KB)    

SD-1023-00118, Crystal Café & Gallery Design Package 


847 N Stone Ave

 10/16/2023 DRAFT LAR and Meeting Minutes(PDF, 297KB)

SD-1023-00118 Design Package(PDF, 13MB)

SD-1023-00118 Design Professional Review(PDF, 139KB)

SD-1023-00118 Presentation to IID DRC(PDF, 3MB)

BCC Hybrid Meeting Guidelines(PDF, 145KB)

IID DRC Reappointments(PDF, 372KB)

IID-DRC Rules of Procedure - Revised(PDF, 107KB)

 10/16/2023(PDF, 362KB)  10/16/2023 LAR(PDF, 296KB)  

SD-0723-00081, West Point II Apartments


20 E Ochoa St

7/15/2022 Draft LAR and Meeting Minutes(PDF, 192KB)

SD-0723-00081 Design Package

SD-0723-00081 Design Professional Review(PDF, 7MB)

10/16/2023 Draft LAR(PDF, 297KB)

7/15/2022(PDF, 399KB) 7/15/2022 LAR(PDF, 203KB)



IID-22-01 Ugly but Honest Pizza




5/19/2022 Draft LAR and Meeting Minutes(PDF, 221KB)


IID-22-01 Presentation(PDF, 4MB)

IID-22-01 Design Package

IID-22-04 Design Professional Review(PDF, 101KB)

6/21/2022 APHZAB Legal Action Report(PDF, 133KB)

5/19/2022(PDF, 368KB) 5/19/2022 LAR(PDF, 221KB)




225 E 8TH ST,345 N 5TH AV,340 N 6TH AV,210 E 7TH ST,320 N 6TH AV


Draft LAR for 3/22/2022 Meeting(PDF, 218KB)


IID-20-04 Revised Design Package(PDF, 32MB)

IID-20-04 Design Professional Review(PDF, 373KB)

IID-20-04 Presentation to IID-DRC(PDF, 16MB)


3/22/2022(PDF, 476KB)
- Amended(PDF, 483KB)
3/22/2022 LAR(PDF, 218KB)




IID-21-02 Bautista Mixed-Use Project



Draft LAR for 12/10/21 Meeting(PDF, 206KB)

IID Update Presentation Materials(PDF, 1MB)

Tucson Norte-Sur Presentation Materials(PDF, 1MB)

IID-21-02 Presentation Materials forIID-DRC(PDF, 10MB)

IID-21-02Design Package(PDF, 170MB)

IID-21-02 Individual Parking Plan(PDF, 2MB)

IID-21-02 Design Professional Review(PDF, 176KB)

IID-21-02 Environmental Services Review(PDF, 81KB)


12/10/2021(PDF, 488KB) 12/10/2021 LAR(PDF, 206KB)

IID-20-03 Food Conspiracy

412 N 4TH AV


Draft LAR for 6/23/21 Meeting(PDF, 201KB)

IID-20-03 Design Package(PDF, 13MB)

IID-20-03 Design Professional Review(PDF, 101KB)

6/23/2021(PDF, 503KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 503KB)

6/23/2021 LAR(PDF, 201KB)



IID-20-04 The Corbett

320/340 N 6thAv, 345 N 5thAv, 210 E 7thSt



IID-21-02 The Bautista

165 S Linda Av



Draft LAR for 4/15/21 Meeting(DOCX, 45KB)


IID-20-04 Design Package

IID-20-04 Design Professional Review


IID-21-02 Preliminary Design(PDF, 17MB)

IID-21-02 Preliminary Design Professional Comments(PDF, 137KB)

IID-21-02 REVISED Elevations 6-23-21(PDF, 4MB)

IID-21-02 REVISED Floor Plans 6-23-21(PDF, 10MB)

IID-21-02 Development Package 6-23-21(PDF, 17MB)

4/15/2021(PDF, 408KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 408KB)

4/15/2021 LAR(PDF, 193KB)

IID-20-03 Mata Coffee


IID-19-09 75 E. Broadway


Draft LAR for 9/8/20 Meeting(DOCX, 43KB)

IID-20-03 Design Package

IID-20-03 Design Professional Review

IID-19-09 Design Package(PDF, 14MB)

IID-19-09 Project Statement(PDF, 135KB)

9/8/2020(PDF, 398KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 398KB)

IID-19-15 The Hut


Draft LAR for 6/10/2020 Meeting(PDF, 235KB)

IID-19-15 Design Package(PDF, 29MB)

IID-19-15 Design Professional Review(PDF, 499KB)

6/10/2020 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 493KB)

6/10/2020 LAR(PDF, 235KB)


Meeting recording




IID-19-12 Hotel Congress


DRAFT LAR for 2/28/2020 Meeting(PDF, 234KB)


IID-19-12 Design Package(PDF, 66MB)

IID-19-12 Design Professional Review(PDF, 817KB)

IID-19-12 Presentation(PPTX, 29MB)

IID-19-12Existing Landscaping(PDF, 3MB)

3/19/2020(PDF, 210KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 210KB)

*** MEETING CANCELED on 3/12/2020to protect the general public, IID-DRC members and City staff from Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Per UDC5.12.6.H.3, the PDSD Director issued a Decision Notice on 3/17/2020 for IID-19-10, taking into the consideration the recommendation issued by the Design Professional.

IID-19-10 The Flash


DRAFT LAR for 2/28/2020 Meeting(PDF, 234KB)

IID-19-10 Design Package(PDF, 14MB)

IID-19-10 Design Professional Comments(PDF, 2MB)

2/28/2020(PDF, 204KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 204KB)

2/28/2020 Legal Action Report(PDF, 234KB)

IID-19-08 The Baffert


DRAFT LAR for 12/5/2019 Meeting(PDF, 288KB)

IID-19-08 Design Package(PDF, 19MB)

IID-19-08 Design Professional Comments(PDF, 9MB)

12/5/2019(PDF, 285KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 285KB)



IID-19-13 Bawker Bawker (T19SA00429,DP19-0219)

400 N 4th Ave - New Micro-Cidery


IID-18-06 (T19SA00201,C9-19-21,DP19-0144)

375 S Stone Av - Mixed Use


IID-19-05 (T19SA00161,DP19-0152)

Lewis Hotel Lofts (Major Modification)
140 & 188 E. Broadway Blvd


DRAFT LAR for 11/5/2019 Meeting(PDF, 174KB)

IID-19-13 Design Package(PDF, 4MB)

IID-19-13 Design Professional Comments(PDF, 93KB)


IID-18-06 Design Package(PDF, 17MB)

IID-18-06 Design Professional Comments(PDF, 279KB)


IID-19-05 Design Package(PDF, 38MB)

IID-19-05 Design Professional Comments(PDF, 195KB)

11-5-2019 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 469KB)


11/5/2019 Legal Action Report(PDF, 174KB)




IID-18-06 (T19SA00201,C9-19-21,DP19-0144)

375 S Stone - Mixed Use (Courtesy Review)


IID-19-01 (T19SA00242,C9-18-01,DP19-0125)OPUS/4th Avenue Mixed Use(Formal Review)

211 N. 4th Avenue

DRAFT LAR for 10/24/2019 Meeting(PDF, 237KB)


IID-18-06Design Package(PDF, 13MB)

IID-18-06 Design Professional Review(PDF, 279KB)


IID-19-01 Design Professional Review(PDF, 231KB)

IID-19-01Presentation(PDF, 69MB)

10/24/2019(PDF, 494KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 494KB)

10/24/2019 Legal Action Report(PDF, 234KB)




IID-19-06 (T19SA00132) 127 S 5th Apartments (Formal Review)
111 & 127 S. 5th Av.

DRAFT LAR for 10/15/2019 Meeting(PDF, 255KB)


IID-19-06 Design Package(PDF, 16MB)

IID-19-06 Design Professional Review(PDF, 102KB)

Individual Parking Plan (T19SA00227)

IID-19-06 Presentation(PDF, 51MB)

10/15/2019(PDF, 837KB)

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 837KB)


10/15/2019 Legal Action Report(PDF, 252KB)





IID-19-05 (T19SA00161) Lewis Hotel Lofts (Formal Review)
140 & 188 E. Broadway Blvd



IID-19-01 (C9-18-01) OPUS/4th Avenue Mixed Use(Study Session)

211 N. 4th Avenue


DRAFT LAR for 9/24/2019 Meeting(DOCX, 53KB)


IID-19-05 Revised Design Package(PDF, 19MB)

IID-19-05 Design Professional Review(PDF, 2MB)


IID-19-01 Design Package(PDF, 69MB)

IID-19-01 Design Professional Preliminary Review(PDF, 126KB)

IID-19-01Presentation(PDF, 54MB)

PAD-33 Partners on Fourth Planned Area Development(PDF, 89MB)

PAD-33 Clarification Letter(PDF, 2MB)


9/24/2019 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 474KB)

9/24/2019 Legal Action Report(PDF, 243KB)

IID-19-07 The Station-Pueblo Vida,
901 S. 6th Ave.



IID-19-05 Lewis Hotel Lofts (Study Session)
140 & 188 E. Broadway Blvd.




Informational Only


IID-19-07 Design Package(PDF, 55MB)
IID-19-07 Design Professional Review(PDF, 139KB)
IID-19-07 Presentation(PPTX, 94MB)


IID-19-05 Design Package(PDF, 100MB)

IID-19-05 Revisions to Elevations, Renderings, Floor Plans(PDF, 2MB)

IID-19-05 Presentation(PDF, 32MB)


Partners on Fourth Planned Area Development (PAD)(PDF, 89MB)

8/14/2019 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 475KB)

8/14/2019 Legal Action Report(PDF, 254KB)

IID-19-04 18W18, 18 & 28 W. 18th St.



IID-19-05 Lewis Hotel Lofts (Study Session)

Design Package(PDF, 18MB)

Design Professional Review(PDF, 64KB)

Presentation(PDF, 46MB)


Design Package(PDF, 100MB)

06-28-2019(PDF, 174KB)

LAR 6-28-19(PDF, 361KB)

IID-18-08 Hilton Dual Brand Hotel

Revised Design Package(PDF, 31MB)

Updated Design Professional Review(PDF, 525KB)

Public Comment(PDF, 142KB)

Hilton Presentation(PDF, 36MB)

06-05-2019(PDF, 438KB)

LAR 06-05-2019(PDF, 237KB)

IID-18-08 Hilton Dual Brand Hotel

2nd Design Package(PDF, 63MB)

Presentation(PDF, 33MB)

Public Comment(PDF, 660KB)

05-23-2019(PDF, 833KB)







LAR 05-23-2019(PDF, 366KB)

IID-19-02 The Tuxon






IID-18-08 Hilton Dual Brand Hotel

(Study Session)

Design Package(PDF, 104MB)

First Design Professional Review(PDF, 39KB)

Second Design Professional Review(PDF, 38KB)

Presentation(PDF, 8MB)


Design Package(PDF, 44MB)

Revised Plans and Renderings(PDF, 2MB)

Historic Commission Review LAR 04252019(PDF, 98KB)

Historic Commission Review LAR 05092019(PDF, 135KB)

Design Professional Letter(PDF, 505KB)

Presentation(PDF, 15MB)

08-20-2018(PDF, 314KB) AMENDEDLAR 08-20-2018(PDF, 168KB) IID-17-06 Union on 6th

Design Package(PDF, 54MB)

Design Supplement(PDF, 18MB)

Public Comment #1(PDF, 5MB)

Historical Commission Review(PDF, 1MB)

Design Professional Letter(PDF, 970KB)

Public Comment #2(PDF, 3MB)

Public Comment #3(PDF, 6MB)

Presentation(PDF, 35MB)

07-18-2018(PDF, 314KB)

LAR_071818(PDF, 370KB)

IID-17-01 The Flin

Design Package(PDF, 46MB)

TPCHC - LAR -06-14-2018(PDF, 216KB)

05-11-2018(PDF, 315KB) LAR_051118(PDF, 160KB) IID-17-01 The Flin

Design Package(PDF, 40MB)

Elevations(PDF, 4MB)

Design Professional Letter(PDF, 1MB)

Presentation(PDF, 2MB)

08-16-2017(PDF, 60KB) LAR_081617(PDF, 108KB) IID-17-03 Trinity PAD (H) Design Standards

Design Package(PDF, 50MB)

Design Standards(PDF, 39KB)

Presentation(PDF, 6MB)

05-15-2017(PDF, 194KB)

LAR_051517(PDF, 104KB)

IID-17-02 Trinity PAD (H)

District Proposal Design Standards(PDF, 73KB)

Design Standards(PDF, 38KB)

Presentation(PDF, 3MB)

02-23-2017(PDF, 61KB)

LAR_022317(PDF, 52KB)


LAR_022317(PDF, 61KB)

IID-16-10 Downtown Clifton



IID-16-02 RendezVous

Design Package(PDF, 23MB)

Presentation(PDF, 3MB)


Submittal Package(PDF, 57MB)

Presentation(PDF, 32MB)

01-26-2017(PDF, 60KB)

LAR_012617(PDF, 101KB)


IID-16-02 City Park

Design Package(PDF, 29MB)

Presentation(PDF, 6MB)

12-20-2016(PDF, 60KB)

LAR_122016(PDF, 93KB)


IID-15-09 West Pointe Apartments

Presentation(PDF, 6MB)

Elevations(PDF, 3MB)

Shade Study(PDF, 221KB)

11-28-2016(PDF, 62KB)

IID-15-09 West Pointe Apartments

IID-15-11 Marist College

Submittal Package(PDF, 111MB)

Design Package(PDF, 12MB)

11-07-2016(PDF, 304KB)

LAR_110716(PDF, 57KB)



IID-16-06 Corbett Brewery


7th Ave Commons

Design Package(PDF, 49MB)

Design Package(PDF, 8MB)

02-16-2016(PDF, 300KB)

LAR_021616(PDF, 35KB)


IID-15-09 West Pointe Apartments

Design Package(PDF, 118MB)

Alternative Design(PDF, 4MB)

Decision Letter_021616(PDF, 589KB)

02-02-2016(PDF, 115KB)

LAR_020216(PDF, 37KB)

IID-15-10 Diocese Building

IID-15-11 Marist College

Submittal Package(PDF, 33MB)

Decision Letter_020916(PDF, 542KB)

Submittal Package(PDF, 41MB)

Decision Letter_020916(PDF, 533KB)

09-30-2015(PDF, 337KB) LAR_093015(PDF, 40KB)

IID-15-07 Boxyard

Design Package_083115(PDF, 10MB)

Presentation_093015(PDF, 4MB)

Design Professional Review_092915(PDF, 533KB)

Decision Letter_101515(PDF, 700KB)

07-28-2015(PDF, 110KB)

LAR_072815(PDF, 34KB)


IID-15-01 1 W Broadway

Design Package(PDF, 20MB)

Design Package_091815(PDF, 31MB)

Decision Letter_073015(PDF, 2MB)