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Frequently Asked Questions

What is available from PDSD Records?

The following public records are all available on microfiche, in paper format, or through Property Research Online (PRO):

  • Building permits from the mid-1950's to current
  • Commercial Building plans from the mid-1950's to current
  • Residential plans from the mid-1950's to current 
  • Certificate of Occupancy 
  • Plot plans for houses in residential subdivisions

More historic records are being added to Property Research Online (PRO) continually.

What is not available?

  • Information on property outside the Tucson City limits, built on or in the Pima County before city annexation.
  • Public buildings such as State, Federal, and City owned property that are exempt based on Homeland Security laws.
  • Sewer information: Pima County Wastewater Management operates the sewer system in the metropolitan Tucson area, including the City of Tucson. For information, call (520)724-6500.
  • Septic Information: Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is the authority on septic systems. For information, call (520)724-7400.
  • Current Ownership: Check with the Pima County Assessor’s Office at (520)724-8630.
  • Square Footage: For the square footage legally on record check with the Pima County Assessor’s Office at (520)724-8630.

How can I obtain copies of records?

Nearly all development records since 2006 to the present are available on Property Research Online (PRO). This free tool allows the public direct access to those records online. Planning and Development Services Department is currently working on digitizing older records that were previously only available on microfiche. This process includes scanning the film and uploading it to PRO.

Please apply for a Records Request through the Tucson Development Center.

If you have any unique circumstances or questions related to accessing development records, please call (520) 791-5550.

What do my house plans show?

House plans provide information related to the foundation, framing, electricity, plumbing, and heating/air conditioning.

What if the City doesn't have my house plans on file?

The owner should contact the original builder to request copies through them. If you do not know who your original builder was, PDSD Records staff may be able to provide this information.

Are some records not available to the public?

Yes. In accordance with NRS 239C (Homeland Security), copies cannot be made of certain commercial buildings. Please contact PDSD Records staff during business hours and we will assist you.

How do I determine if there are any building code violations?

Building code violations can be found on Property Research Online (PRO) by searching the property address or activity (permit) number.

If you cannot find the building code violation information on PRO, contact City of Tucson Code Enforcement.

I lost my plans, how do I get copies made for the jobsite?

You will need the exact property site address or activity (permit) number to search on Property Research Online (PRO) to find a copy of the plans. If plans are not currently on PRO, please see How can I obtain copies of records?

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PDSD Records can be contacted at (520) 791-5550.