Red Tag

Section 16-32 Unruly gatherings was adopted to discourage the occurrence of repeated loud and unruly gatherings, the persons responsible for the public nuisance created by these gatherings should be penalized.

An unruly gathering is defined as a gathering of five (5) or more persons on any private property, including property used to conduct business, in a manner which causes a disturbance of the quiet enjoyment of private or public property by any person or persons. Such disturbances include, but are not limited to, excessive noise or traffic, obstruction of public streets by crowds or vehicles, drinking in public, the service of alcohol to minors or consumption of alcohol by minors, fighting, disturbing the peace, and littering.

If an unruly gathering occurs:

  • The premise at which the gathering occurred will receive notice of unruly gathering posting that will remain visible for the duration of 180 days.
  • Citation or arrest of violators under applicable ordinances or state statues. (Parties liable include: persons in attendance, owner, occupant or tenant of the premises, or any sponsor).
  • Dispersal of the persons attending the gathering.

Penalties Associated with Red Tags:

A minimum mandatory fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00)

Re occurrences will result in a mandatory fine of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00), one thousand ($1,000.00) for the second and one thousand five hundred for each third or subsequent violation.

The removal, defacing, or concealment of a red tag notice is a civil infraction and will result in a one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine.

U of A Students:

Please be aware the Dean of Students Office will be notified of any UofA students found in violation of an unruly gathering. Depending on the situation, a student may receive a warning or may receive additional sanctions by the UofA.

How to report an Unruly Gathering:

  • Call 911 “I want to report an unruly gathering” (You may remain anonymous).
  • Provide the exact address
  • Describe what you see and hear (I see minors drinking alcohol, there is loud music-I cannot sleep, car parked blocking driveways, people fighting, the party is creating trash down our street)

How to contest a Red Tag:

An owner or occupant may contest the posting by filing a written request for a hearing at Tucson City Court at 103 E Alameda within 10 calendar days.

An owner may also petition the Court for permission to remove the Notice after the owner has taken those actions necessary to prevent the occurrence of a subsequent unruly gathering at this location.

The Red Tag Notice was damaged or fell off?

Please contact the Red Tag Unit at 520-837-7318 If you are leaving a message you must include your name, address and phone number for follow up.

Who may be cited for an Unruly Gathering?

Parties liable include: persons in attendance, owner, occupant or tenant of the premises, or any sponsor.

My neighbor removed a red tag before time.

Please contact the Red Tag Unit at 520-837-7318

If you are leaving a message please provide the address where the tag was posted. Your name and any information provided will be kept confidential.

I've met the required 180 days of posting. Can I remove the tag?

You may remove the tag after the day indicated on your Red Tag Notice. If you have any questions please contact the Red Tag Unit 520-837-7318.

My tenant received a Red Tag Posting and has since vacated the property, may the tag be removed?

The Red Tag may not be removed until permission is granted by the court. A petition may be filed at Tucson City Court 103 E. Alameda to request permission.

There is no such thing as a “Red Tag Ticket.” A red tag is a notice that is placed after an unruly gathering.

If you have questions about Red Tags please contact:

The Tucson Police Department Red Tag Unit
1310 W. Miracle Mile

Tucson City Code Section 16-32 Unruly Gathering

American Legal Publishing's Code Library

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