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One important mission of Domestic Violence Court is to work with Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, Community Outreach Program for the Deaf and DeafHope to ensure that Deaf and Hard of Hearing victims of Domestic Violence have access to victim services and access to the courts.

We can provide ASL, CDI and CART interpreters for both victims and defendants in court.

We are training a Deaf Victim Advocate - please let us know what you need.

Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse is prepared to offer services to Deaf victims - they have interpreters on call, video phones in their shelters and can provide services and counseling - they can work with COPD or not- AND EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL.

We have trained many interpreters in the dynamics of domestic violence and trauma. INTEPRETERS - check out our articles and links.

If a Defendant is court-ordered to treatment, the Court will provide the appropriate interpreter for that treatment.

We look forward to seeing you in court.

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