Tucson Praises EPA Announcement on Drinking Water Standards

Published on April 11, 2024

Tucson, AZ.—Yesterday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at the direction of the Biden-Harris Administration issued the first-ever legally enforceable drinking water standard to protect communities from exposure to harmful per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) also known as ‘forever chemicals.’ The final rule is part of  EPA’s PFAS Strategic Roadmap and is a historic step in protecting communities like Tucson that have been impacted by PFAS.  Over $1B in newly available funding is available through the Biden Administration’s Justice 40 Initiative to invest in communities that have been historically underserved and overburdened by pollution.  

“This announcement by the Biden-Harris Administration affirms the work that Tucson has been doing for years to lead on PFAS remediation while holding responsible parties accountable," said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “I am grateful to EPA Secretary Regan for setting a national standard to protect our drinking water and giving cities like Tucson the resources that we need to protect our residents from PFAS.”

Under the direction of Mayor Regina Romero, the City of Tucson and Tucson Water Department have worked to provide the Tucson community with reliable, safe drinking water.  Tucson Water has been proactive in meeting and exceeding federal regulatory guidelines for PFAS and leading the nation by piloting and implementing technologically advanced PFAS remediation projects.

This step by EPA is the final movement that we have been waiting to see.  By having enforceable standards, water utilities like Tucson Water have the clarity on how to move forward in addressing PFAS in our environment and preventing PFAS compounds from entering the drinking water supplies,” said Tucson Water Director John Kmiec.

U.S. EPA PFAS Press Release https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/biden-harris-administration-finalizes-first-ever-national-drinking-water-standard


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