Alarm Registration

To Renew an Existing Alarm Registration: Renew Application

To pay a Violation Assessment: Alarm Violation Assessment

To Apply for a New Alarm Registration

  • Fill out this form and click "Apply".
  • Print out your copy which will appear after you click "Apply".
  • Annual registration is $20 - make checks payable to City of Tucson. (city/county/state/federal government entities are exempt from the fee but must register)
  • Mail or bring the form with your annual payment to one of the listed city cashier locations (Locations and Phone Numbers).

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Address of Alarmed Location

Confirm address is within the City using the following link
If results say 'Address not in the City of Tucson', then you do not need to register here.

Mailing Address

same as above

Alarm Company Information

Monitoring Company Information


By submission of this alarm registration application, I hereby affirm that the information is true and correct.

I have read, understand and agree to comply with the following items:

  • I understand this alarm registration is non-transferable and valid for 365 days from date of issuance.
  • I have been instructed by the alarm company on how to properly operate my alarm system
  • I have the monitoring company’s telephone number to use for cancellations, to test my alarm, to update telephone contact information and to request alarm service or repairs.
  • I understand that I cannot cancel a robbery/panic alarm activation.
  • I understand that to cancel a false alarm activation I must call my alarm company and give them my proper cancellation code. If I only call the Tucson Police Department, they will advise me to call my Alarm Company to properly cancel Police Response.
  • I will instruct ALL alarm users on how to operate the alarm system, how to cancel a false alarm activation and will provide them with a proper cancellation code.
  • I understand that pets, balloons and new items in an alarmed area can cause a false alarm.
  • Per the City of Tucson Alarm Code, the alarm monitoring company is required to make two telephone calls to the alarm user prior to dispatching police to allow an opportunity for canceling the alarm activation. I have called my Monitoring Company and verified that the numbers they have on file are correct and updated as of today.