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Project #106 - Stone Ave - Drachman and Speedway Improvements (Road work)

From Speedway north to Drachman.  
In Design  
Total Estimated Project Cost
Expenditures to Date Through 4/30/2015
Estimated date of completion as of 4/10/2015
Project Contact
Alfred Zungia (837-6629)  

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Design and construct gateway and intersection improvements along Stone Avenue from Drachman to Speedway.

This project represents the final improvements from the Stone Avenue Corridor planning effort. Improvements to other areas have redirected traffic away from this corridor in order to improve the livability.

For additional information see: Stone Avenue Corridor Website  
Additional Info
City of Tucson, Street Work, Capital Improvement Project  
Last Update

Project #106 - Status

11-May-15 TDOT is preparing cost estimate and specially provisions to proceed with preparing the bid package for advertisement and construction.

10-Apr-15 TDOT has received final approval from Tucson Water for the water modification plans. TDOT is prepared to proceed with preparing the final bid package for advertisement for construction.

09-Mar-15 The project status is the same as last month.
13-Feb-15 Water modification plans have been approved by Tucson Water. Design consultant will submit final construction package to TDOT for advertisement pending ADEQ approval of water plans.

13-Jan-15 Design Consultant is addressing final comments from Tucson Water.
09-Dec-14 Final sealed water modification plans were submitted to Tucson Water on December 4, 2014 for approval.
05-Nov-14 Design consultant has finalized water modification plans and cost estimate per Tucson Water direction. Final water plans will be submitted to Tucson Water for signature in November 2014.
06-Oct-14 Design consultant has received a notice-to-proceed to finalize additional comments on water modification plans.
09-Sep-14 Currently awaiting approval of contract modification for the consultant to address latest round of Tucson Water comments on water modification plans. The water modification plans have undergone several reviews by Tucson Water and resulted in work that was not originally included in the design team's scope of work.
06-Aug-14 Working with Tucson Water to resolve the comments from the last review.
02-Jul-14 Status is the same as last month.
10-Jun-14 Received several comments from Tucson Water on the draft 100% plans. Currently working with the consultant to determine the best manner in which to address the comments in both a timely and efficient manner.
05-May-14 Waiting for Tucson Water to provide comments on Draft Final Water Plans.
04-Apr-14 The design consultant has addressed comments received from Tucson Water on the 90% submittal. Draft Final Water Plans will be submitted to Tucson Water the week of April 7, 2014. Tucson Water has a standard 30 day review process. Comments are expected in early May.
18-Mar-14 Design consultant is currently working with Tucson Water to resolve comments from 90% Water Modifications submittal.
06-Feb-14 Tucson Water submitted comments on the revised plans to TDOT on January 27, 2014. The comments are currently being reviewed by the design consultant.
10-Jan-14 Water Modification comments expected from Tucson Water week of January 13, 2014.
05-Dec-13 Design modifications have been submitted to Tucson Water for Review. The review process will take approximately 3 weeks.
06-Nov-13 Design Consultant has begun work on the revised water modification plans. First submittal is expected the first week of December, 2013.

02-Oct-13 Processing design change order for additional engineering services to finalize Tucson Water Modifications. Notice To Proceed (NTP) expected in mid-October with a 6 month schedule to complete the work.

13-Sep-13 Finalizing negotiations with the consultant to provide services to re-design several elements on the water modification plans.
07-Aug-13 Negotiations to complete the re-design of the water modifications continue.
10-Jul-13 Tucson Water needs to approve the consultant scope and fee for additional services to redesign the vertical alignment of the proposed water modifications.
07-Jun-13 Currently in negotiations with design consultant and Tucson Water to develop a scope and fee for redesign of water modification plans.
06-May-13 Pothole data for the existing water lines has been vetted by Tucson Water. It was determined that based on the depth of the existing pipes, the proposed water modifications will be re-designed to provide a more efficient design.

04-Apr-13 During the month of March 2013, CardnoTBE collected pothole information regarding existing subsurface utilities located along Stone Avenue and the adjacent cross streets.
04-Mar-13 CardnoTBE has been selected to perform subsurface utility excavations (potholing) in the project area to determine the location and elevation of the existing water line. This work will be performed during the month of March 2013.
04-Feb-13 Currently awaiting Tucson Water approval to hire a subsurface utility engineering firm to obtain and provide existing underground utility information.
02-Jan-13 Tucson Water (TW) provided plan review comments on water plans on December 11, 2012. Currently in coordination with TW to resolve comments in an effort to receive approval for water modification plans.
03-Dec-12 The 100% plans review by Tucson Water continues for final utility approval. The anticipated construction date is May 2013 with a 12 month project duration.
08-Nov-12 100% plans are currently under review by Tucson Water for final utility approval. The anticipated construction date is May 2013 with a 12 month project duration.

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