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Project #120 - Metering Replacement Project and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Tucson Water Headquarters  
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Expenditures to Date Through 4/30/2015
Estimated date of completion as of 2/7/2014
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Tom Arnold  

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Replacing water meters as they age out is ongoing at Tucson Water. Tucson Water's Meter Replacement Program is replacing the meters at a rate of 20,000 per year. New water meter technology allows for automatic meter reading (AMR) or drive-by reading and, with the appropriate Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in place, remote reading. Communications devices allowing for AMR and AMI are being installed with the new meters. Tucson Water is conducting two pilot projects employing different infrastructure configurations to assess the feasibility and cost of investing in AMI.  
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City of Tucson, Capital Improvement Project  
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Project #120 - Status

11-May-15 Unchanged.

10-Apr-15 Unchanged.
11-Mar-15 Unchanged.

13-Feb-15 Unchanged.
14-Jan-15 TEP received an extension for their pilot of 90 days and negotiations continue on what TEP will do during the extension. The Mountain States Pipe and Supply and Aquahawk pilot is complete. The Water Department continues to replace lids and older endpoints in the meter reading cycles being prepared for transition to a network in FY 2016.
09-Dec-14 TEP requested an extension of their pilot and there are discussions regarding the deliverables from TEP during the extension.
Tucson Water staff received two training sessions from Aquahawk on their portal. The MSPS/Aquahawk pilots are essentially complete.
10-Nov-14 Continue to monitor performance of the TEP and MSPS pilot project. Continue to review the Aquahawk portal. TEP will prepare a report on the performance of the project. Continuing with replacement of older endpoints and meter lids in cycles targeted for conversion to network meter reads in FY2016.
02-Oct-14 Tucson Water staff received a presentation of the Aquahawk portal to get a better understanding of the kinds of information that can be used by staff to perform their jobs more effectively and the types of information which can be made available to customers. Aquahawk refers to their product as an alerting system which can be used to notify customers if their water usage patterns look unusual, such a big change in usage, usage at unusual times. The product can also be used in a limited way compare a customer's usage to a broad class average.

The Mountain States Pilot is essentially complete with the successful test billing. The network will stay in place while the Aquahawk pilot is continuing because it is reading data from the MSPS/Itron pilot network.

Staff have made some changes in the TEP Pilot area to see if the performance can be increased. This includes replacing meter lids as well as older end points.
10-Sep-14 Work continues with TEP on improving the read rate of the meters in the pilot. TEP has concluded that no additional work on their network will improve the performance. The next step will be to determine how much improvement we get by replacing lids. Currently developing a strategy to replace a sample of participating meters. In addition to replacing the lids, Tucson Water will attempt to pull the meter read data from the SFTP site that TEP sends the data to and then transfer this our billing system to generate a test bill. Discussions have taken place on the framework for an agreement with TEP ahead of completing the pilot so that we can budget and be in a position to move to the network in FY2016.

The Mountain States pilot project has begun to transfer data for test billing. There was a slight glitch in getting the significant digits from the meter read which was quickly resolved. It appears that we can successfully transfer the data from the network to the billing system and produce an accurate bill. The information to be gleaned from this pilot project is just about complete. The network, however, will stay in place to serve data to the Aquahawk portal.

Work has begun on the portal demonstration identifying staff and resources needed for a successful completion of this project.
08-Aug-14 Tucson Water has gotten the go ahead from procurement to receive a demonstration of the web portal which could provide a mechanism for customers to view their water usage, for Tucson Water to promote its conservation program and provide other types of information and as a tool for customer service staff to use for various customer transactions.

TEP continues to have some difficulty reading the meters, particularly the older 60W ERTs and with the data presentation. TEP went through a major upgrade in their network software which impacted their own meter reading which put the pilot on hold.

Begin discussions with TEP on scoping an "agreement". Given the delays in getting the pilot started and TEP's difficulties if there is an agreement in place, discussions need to begin before the end of the pilot. Furthermore, Tucson Water must have a cost estimate for budgeting purposes by this fall and the pilot is not scheduled to end until November.
15-Jul-14 Both pilot projects are underway. Operational problems are being addressed and assessed as they occur.
10-Jun-14 Unchanged.
06-May-14 No change.
11-Apr-14 No change.
14-Mar-14 The Mountain States Pipe and Supply (MSPS) pilot network is up and running and producing reports from the Itron hosted network administrator showing hourly and daily reads on demand.
07-Feb-14 No Change.

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