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Project #80 - Gadsden Development

14 Acres immediatly SW of Congress and Santa Cruz river  
In Design  
Total Estimated Project Cost
Expenditures to Date Through 12/31/2009
Estimated date of completion as of 11/2/2009
Project Contact
Jessie Sanders  

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Planned development includes 125 room boutique hotel, 400 residential units (of which 17.5% will be offered to households at or below 80% of Area Medium Iincome (AMI) and 17.5% will be offered to households between 80% and 125% of AMI)
Additional development include office space, market, restaurant, and other commercial uses.  
Additional Info
This project brings new neighborhood approved development to the westside as a planned extension of Downtown.

Private Sector Funded Budget  
City of Tucson, Rio Nuevo District, Private, Downtown  
Last Update

Project #80 - Status

09-Apr-13 At the April 9 Mayor and Council Study Session Agenda, Item #7 discussed:

Westside Economic Development Activities; Update on Development and Real Estate Purchase Agreement with the Gadsden Company (Ward 1).

Mayor and Council moved to authorize the City staff, in coordination with the City Attorney, to finalize such amendments to the 2008 Development and Real Estate Purchase Agreement as may be appropriate to move forward with Phase 2 development of the subject property while securing Gadsden Companys performance of its obligations under the Agreement; and to bring the amended Agreement back to Mayor and Council for consideration and approval.
01-Sep-11 Underground utilities being installed on what will become South Linda Av.
14-Jul-11 The closing on Block 3 (aka Block G) is complete and construction of the New Armory Building is underway. It is anticipated that reporting on the New Armory Building will be done under a separate project. Reporting under this project will again just focus on Gadsden. Next steps are to begin efforts to amend the Development Agreement (DA) to remove any ambiguities that may exist and to establish when and how credits, authorized in the DA, will be earned and applied.
01-Jun-11 The back-to-back closing on Block 3 (aka Block G) from City to Gadsden to Senior Housing was completed on May 13.
03-May-11 Reclaimed Water Line successfully rerouted.
Plans have been approved for water, sewer, road, grading, and Floodplain Use Permit.
Back-to-back closing with City/Gadsden/Senior Housing targeted for May 11, 12, or 13 for Block G.
04-Apr-11 Final Block Plat (Mission District) recorded 3/25/2011 Sequence # 20110840249.
Construction to relocate reclaimed water line began 3/21/2011.
Relocated reclaimed water line scheduled to be operational 4/15/2011.
Removal of old pipe and repair to Congress St to be completed by end of April.
07-May-10 Topographical report (TOPO) ordered as input into removing remaining property from 100-year floodplain and to provide accurate data for streetcar infrastructure planning on the Westside
05-Apr-10 Developer has entered into an agreement with Urban Innovations to build 143 rental housing units for seniors, pending funding from the State Department of Housing under the Arizona Low-income Housing Tax Credit Program.
02-Nov-09 This project is a four-phase exclusive right to purchase and develop contract. Phase I has been designed as a 98-unit low-income housing project and the developer is seeking financing to proceed. Phases II through IV are in the planning and design phase.
The developer has not yet closed on Phase I, which is contingent on obtaining financing for the multi-unit residential buildings designed for Block A. The developer intends to re-submit an application for Low-Income Housing Tax Credit financing to the Arizona Department of Housing in March 2009.

Project #80 - Pictures

01-Sep-11 09/01/2011 - Underground utilities for what will become South Linda Ave.
14-Feb-11 Ductile pipe required for relocation of reclaimed water line to accomodate the New Armory Building, a 143-unit Senior Housing Project.
25-Oct-10 Concept drawing of possible hotel.
25-Oct-10 Conceptual drawing of proposed building.

Project #80 - Attachments

12-Jul-10 Preliminary Site Plan for the 14 Acres The Preliminary (not final) Site Plan depicting the latest 14-acre site layout.
22-Feb-10 Block A Rendering of the Mission District looking down Avenida del Convento from Congress Street.
06-Aug-08 Original Gadsden Development Agreement Complete Gadsden Development Agreement as approved by Mayor and Council on August 6, 2008.
06-Aug-08 Memo to Mayor & Council on August 6, 2008 The orignal Mayor and Council Memo introducing the Agenda Item that ultimately approved the Development Agreement. This memo explains how the pricing of the property was determined and explains the credits provided.