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Tucson Police Department Online Crime Reporting

If this is an emergency, or for immediate police assistance, call 911.

Please note: The Tucson Police Department does not accept online reports for the following. Call 911 or go to a police substation to report:

  • Violent Crime, including:
    • Child Abuse
    • Physical Assault
    • Sexual Assault
  • Public Safety Threat
  • Theft of:
    • Guns
    • Vehicles (including trailers)
    • License Plates
    • Anything with a value of $10,000 or more
  • Hate Crime
  • Burglary
  • Any crime with a domestic violence component involving:
    • Family members or former family members (after divorce)
    • Roommates or former roommates
    • People who have a child in common, or people who are in, or were in, a romantic/sexual relationship

Mandatory Reporters

If you're required to file a report by state law, the Tucson Police Department does not accept online reports for the following. Call 911 or go to a police substation to report:

  • Allegation or suspicion of a sexual offense
  • Allegation or suspicion of physical abuse or neglect
  • Allegation or suspicion of domestic violence
  • Injuries that raise concerns of abuse
  • Injuries that don't match the explanation given by the child or caretaker
  • Incident involving serious student-on-student injuries (broken bones, stitches, etc.)

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Answer these questions to begin your report:

Are you or someone you know currently in danger?

Dial 9-1-1 on your telephone. This system is not monitored continuously.
Call 9-1-1 so we can help you as soon as possible.
Your Address is within TPD Jurisdiction.

There is no need to fill out another report because we cannot cross reference to another report. Please contact (520) 791-4444 for a followup.
If you have follow-up information, please contact (520) 791-4444.

Type of Crime

Complete all required fields to continue.

Address & Time Crime Occurred

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Victim is:


Is the victim's vehicle involved in the crime?

Is the person reporting this crime the same as the victim?

Is there a witness involved that is not the victim or the person reporting the offense?

Do you have any information on the suspect/offender of the crime?

Was there any property lost, stolen, or damaged in this crime?


  1. Describe what took place in a brief summary that covers all critical elements in a chronological order.
  2. Be sure to include all relevant and necessary information that may assist with the investigation.
  3. Be sure to describe the suspect or suspects in as much detail as necessary (clothing, tattoos, piercings, or anything else that would help identify the suspect/suspects)
  4. Be sure to include any additional vehicle descriptions that might be associated with the incident.

I affirm that this information is true and correct (First and Last name - required to submit crime report):

You have selected an invalid crime type. Please select one of the 16 reportable crime types above.