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Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2020-015 Z-2020-015, Robert F. Mellen, 70-08 PINAL COUNTY, T09S, R15E, sec. 35 NE1/4 T9S R15E 35
Z-2017-065 Robert F Mellen, PENAL COUNTY, Survey,Sec.35,T.9S.,R.15E. T9S R15E 35
Z-2017-125 Robert F Mellen, PENAL COUNTY, Survey,Sec.14,T.9S.,R.9E.,I-10, T9S R9E 14
Z-2019-047 Robert F. Mellen, Job #78-110 PINAL COUNTY, Lot 15, 1640 N. Sunset Pl,Sunset Point Estates, Bk 12 of PINAL maps and plats, pg.37, T09S, R15E, S26 SE1/4,Sunset Place, Sunset Ave. T9S R15E 26
Z-2017-160 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.14,T.9S.,R.9E. PENAL COUNTY. T9S R9E 14
Z-2020-203 Z-2020-203 T9S R15E 22
Z-2020-181 Z-2020-181 T7S R8E 17
Z-2020-030 Z-2020-030 T6S R14E 18
Z-2019-169 Z-2019-169 Robert F. Mellen, 5254 W. Camino Del Desierto, Lot 71, Casas Colina Cabo #2, Bk 28 of Maps and Plats, Pg. 3, T14, R12E, S01 NW1/4, Camino Del Dieserto, Camino Allenda T4S R12E 01
Z-2019-170 Z-2019-170 Robert F. Mellen, 1110 N. Silverbell Rd., El Rio Plaza, Bk 20 of Maps and Plats, Pg 72, T14S, R13E, S03 SW1/4, N. Silverbell Rd., W. Speedway Blvd. T4S R13E 03
Z-2020-002 Z-2020-002, Louis p Deprisco, (#14172), 124 E. Broadway Blve, lot 3 & 4, of Military Plaza, recorded Bk 1 in Maps and Plats, Pg. 24, T14S, R13E, S13 NE1/4, Broadway Blvd, Arizona Av. T4S R13E 13
Z-2020-016 Z-2020-016 T4S R13E 25
Z-2020-022 Z-2020-022 T4S R15E 16
Z-2019-013 Robert F. Mellen, #78-30, 11845 E GOLF LINKS RD, Lot 1, Old Spanish Trail Estates, Bk.10 of Maps and Plats at Pg.98, T14S, R16E, S19, Golf Links Rd., Freeman Rd. (formerly Soldier Trail). T4S R16E 19
Z-2017-224 Robert F Mellen,Lot 4,Blk.6,Garden Homes,Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.41,Sec.25,T.13S.,R.13E.,Yavapai Rd. T3S R3E 25
Z-2018-032 Robert F Mellen, Parcel 102-01-003B (110.935/31.372 degrees), W. Terminal Drive (DIRT RD) Survey, Nogales, AZ. , Santa Cruz County, Intersection of Grand Ave. and Congress Drive, Precinct #10, Sec.5,T.24S.,R.14E. T24S R14E 05
Z-2020-364 Z-2020-364, DOUGLAS ARIZONA, T24S R27E 11
Z-2017-385 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.35,T.23S.,R.14E.,State Route 82 T23S R14E 35
Z-2017-506 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.31,T.23S.,R.14E., US Highway 89, Frank Reed Rd. T23S R14E 31
Z-2020-494 Z-2020-494 S. 7TH ST., AZ HWY 80 T22S R20E 02
Z-2020-499 Z-2020-499, T22S R20E 03
Z-2020-010 Z-2020-010, Robert F. Mellen, 68-38, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, T22S, R16E, sec. 07 T22S R16E 07
Z-2020-031 Z-2020-031 T22S R15E 12
Z-2018-345 Robert F Mellen, Survey, FORT HUACHUCA MILITARY RESERVATION, COCHISE COUNTY, Lot 1, Sec.10, T.22S., R.20E. T22S R20E 10
Z-2018-360 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Lot 5, Sec.3, T.22S., R.20E., Carmichael Ave., Witt Dr. T22S R20E 03
Z-2018-433 Robert F Mellen, Survey, FORT HUACHUCA MILITARY RESERVATION, COCHISE COUNTY, Lot 1, Sec.10, T.22S., R.20E., Garden Ave., Terra St., Lea St., Judd St., Golf Links Rd. T22S R20E 10
Z-2018-454 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.3, T.22S., R.20E., Witt Dr., Carmichael Ave. T22S R20E 03
Z-2020-438 Z-2020-438, NE 1/4 T22S R20E 02
Z-2018-491 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.3, T.22S., R.20E., Busby St., Carmichael Ave., Golf Links Rd., Danny Ln., Jennifer Ln., Garden Ave. T22S R20E 03
Z-2020-001 Z-2020-001, Robert F. Mellen, s.w.19-21-13-66-1, T21S, R13E, S19, SW1/4, Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Ariz., Carmen Road, Tucson-Nogales Hwy. T21S R13E 19
Z-2020-007 Z-2020-007 T21S R13E 19
Z-2020-057 Z-2020-057, COCHISE COUNTY T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-058 Z-2020-058, COCHISE COUNTY, T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-075 Z-2020-075 COCHISE COUNTY T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-083 Z-2020-083 COCHISE COUNTY T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-174 Robert F Mellen, Tacoma and N 7th St, NOGALES, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY Survey, Sec.34, T.21S., R.20E., Tacoma St., Charles St. T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-148 Z-2020-148 T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-149 Z-2020-149 T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-193 Robert F Mellen, Tacoma St. and N. 7th St, NOGALES, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Survey, Sec.34, T.21S., R.20E., Charles Dr., Tacoma St. T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-493 Robert F Mellen, BISBEE, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.34, T.21S., R.23E., Tacoma St., 7th St., Charles Dr., School Dr., 4th St., 5th St., 6th St. T21S R23E 34
Z-2018-507 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.35, T.21S., R.20E., 7th St., Quail Hollow Dr., Carmelita Dr. T21S R20E 35
Z-2018-568 Robert F Mellen, HUACHUCA CITY, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.32, T.20S., R.20E., Hunt Rd., Ida St., Skyline Ave. T20S R20E 32
Z-2017-370 Robert F Mellen, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY Parcel 10947009, Government Lot 3,4,Sec.33,T.20S.,R.18E. T20S R18E 33
Z-2020-1000 Z-2020-1000 T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-011 Z-2020-011, (refer. to Z-2020-014--SAME DRAWING--) T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-014 Z-2020-014, (ref. to Z-2020-011--SAME DRAWING--) T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-527 Z-2020-527, NO LOCATION AVAILABLE. T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-278 Z-2020-278- NO INFORMATION GIVEN T1S R1E 01
Z-2021-0007 Z-2021-0007 T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-352 Z-2020-352,-- SIERRA VIESTA ARIZONA,-- T1S R1E 01

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