Maps and Records

Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2018-484 Robert F Mellen, Lot 17, La Estancia, Bk.30 of Maps and Plats at Pg.14, Sec.27, T.12S., R.13E., Romero Ave., Sage Pl. T12S R13E 27
Z-2019-114 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-89, 9101 N Camino Coronado, Track 6, Campo Bello, Bk 7 of maps and plats, pg.70, T12S, R13E, S23 SE1/4, N Camino Coronado, N Calle Loma Linda. T12S R13E 23
Z-2017-480 Robert F Mellen, Lot 7, Casas Cananea, Bk.16 of Maps and Plats at Pg.49, Sec.35,T.12S.,R.13E., Wanda Vista Pl. T12S R13E 35
Z-2019-116 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-92, 11150, 11160, and 11170 N CAMINO DE LA TIERRA, Parcels A,B,and C, T12S, R13E, S08 NE1/4, N CAMINO DE LA TIERRA, W Camino Del Norte (borders 12-13-05 SW) T12S R13E 08
Z-2017-482 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.8,T.12S.,R.13E., Flying Diamond Dr., Camino Central, Thornydale Rd., Potvin Ln. T12S R13E 08
Z-2017-483 Robert F Mellen, Lot 35, Catalina Village No.3, Bk.10 of Maps and Plats at Pg.26, Sec.36,T.12S.,R.13E., Los Pinos Vista T12S R13E 36
Z-2018-233 Robert F Mellen, Lot 24, Tucson Foothills Estates No.1, Bk.10 of Maps and Plats at Pg.81, Sec.19, T.13S., R.13E. T13S R13E 19
Z-2018-489 Robert F Mellen, Lots 97, 99, 101, El Rio Acres, Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.11, Sec.2, T.14S., R.13E., Riverview Bl., Navajo St. T14S R13E 02
Z-2019-118 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-94, VALLE DEL SUR CONDOMINIUMS, 251 W 38TH ST and 2820 S 8TH AV, Blks 20 and 23, Mission View Addition, Bk 3 of maps and plats, pg.21, T14S, R13E, S25 NW1/4, W 38TH ST, S 9th Av. T14S R13E 25
Z-2018-234 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.6, T.14S., R.13E., Bar Ranch Rd. T14S R13E 06
Z-2019-119 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-95, 407 E FORT LOWELL RD, Lot 8 and 9,Blk 15, Garden Home Addition, Bk 6 of maps and plats, pg.41, T13S, R13E, S25 SE1/4, E FORT LOWELL RD, N Los Altos Av. T13S R13E 25
Z-2017-485 Robert F Mellen, Lots 6, 7, Blk.85, National City No.7, Bk.8 of Maps and Plats at Pg.24, Sec.1,T.15S.,R.13E., 11th Ave., Irvington Rd. T15S R13E 01
Z-2018-235 Robert F Mellen, Lots 4, 5, 7, 10, Blk. 5, Jacobus’ Subdivision of City of Tucson, Bk.2 of Maps and Plats at Pg.26, Sec.12, T.14S., R.13E. T14S R13E 12
Z-2017-230 Robert F Mellen,Lot 10,Canada Hills Est.,Bk.44 of Maps and Plats at Pg.40,Sec.11,T.12S.,R.13E. T12S R13E 11
Z-2018-236 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec. 34, T.14S., R.13E., Mission Rd. T14S R13E 34
Z-2019-121 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-99, TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY, CITY OF TUCSON REAL ESTATE DIVISION 310' x 126', 86 and 92 E CAMINO VILLAS and 97 and 115 E LIMBERLOST DR, T13S, R13E, S24 SW1/4, E CAMINO VILLAS, E Villas Cl. T13S R13E 24
Z-2017-231 Robert F Mellen,Lot 10,11,Canada Hills Est.,Bk.44 of Maps and Plats at Pg.40,Sec.11,T.12S.,R.13E. T12S R13E 11
Z-2017-487 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.29,T.13S.,R.13E., Sec.28, T.13S.,R.13E., Neosha St. T13S R13E 28
Z-2019-123 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-101, 4230 N OXBOW RD, Lots 33 and 32, Tucson Foothills Estates #1, Bk 10 of maps and plats, pg.81, T13S, R13E, S19 SW1/4, N OXBOW RD, W Camino Pintoresco. T13S R13E 19
Z-2017-233 Robert F Mellen,Lot 12,Riverside Terrace 2,Bk.17 of Maps and Plats at Pg.82,Sec.15,T.13S.,R.13E.,Flint Ave. T13S R13E 15
Z-2018-496 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.30, T.12S., R.13E., Cortaro Farms Rd., Thornydale Rd. T12S R13E 30
Z-2018-242 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.19, T.13S., R.13E., Sweetwater Dr. T13S R13E 19
Z-2017-238 Robert F Mellen,Lot 77,Riverside Terrace,Bk.14 of Maps and Plats at Pg.63,Sec.15,T.13S.,R.13E.,Pamona Ave. T13S R13E 15
Z-2018-244 Robert F Mellen, Tract 15, Campo Bello Subdivision, Bk.7 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.23, T.12S., R.13E., Camino de Anza T12S R13E 23
Z-2019-129 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-115, 127 W 30TH ST, Lot 4, Blk8, Home Addition, Bk 4 of maps and plats, pg. 93, T14S, R13E, S24 SW1/4, W 30th St, S 7th Av. T14S R13E 24
Z-2017-239 Robert F Mellen,Lot 446,Rancho Feliz,Bk.31 of Maps and Plats at Pg.92,Sec.15,T.12S.,R.13E.,Lambert Lane T12S R13E 15
Z-2018-245 Robert F Mellen, Government Lot 4, Sec.6, T.15S., R.13E., Irvington Rd., Camino de Oeste T15S R13E 06
Z-2017-243 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.17,T.13S.,R.13E.,El Camino Del Cerro T13S R13E 17
Z-2018-249 Robert F Mellen, Lot 7, Blk.28, Coronado Heights, Bk.3 of Maps and Plats at Pg.115, Sec.36, T.13S., R.13E., Stone Ave., Glenn St., Estrella Ave., Laguna St. T13S R13E 36
Z-2018-251 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.15, T.13S., R.13E., Roller Coaster Rd., Oracle Jaynes Station Rd., La Cholla Blvd. T13S R13E 15
Z-2019-136 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-129, 431 E Yavapai Rd., Lot 8-9, Blk 2, Garden Homes, Bk 6 of maps and plats, pg.44 (Yavapai Condominiums Bk 62, pg.75), T13S, R13E, S25 SE1/4, E Yavapai Rd., N Geronimo Av. T13S R13E 25
Z-2017-246 Robert F Mellen,Lot 6,Blk.64,City of Tucson,Bk.2 of Maps and Plats at Pg.4,Sec.12,T.14S.,R.13E.,5th St.,2nd Ave.,Jacobus Ave. T14S R13E 12
Z-2018-508 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.15, T.13S., R.13E., La Cholla Bl., Ruthrauff Rd. T13S R13E 15
Z-2019-137 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-131, 1800 S 5TH AVE,(according to drawing),..( Lots 1,2,3, &4, Blk 16, Chattmans Addition, Bk 2 of maps and plats, pg.22)…., T14S, R13E, S24 NE1/4, E 28th St., S 5th Av. T14S R13E 24
Z-2018-509 Robert F Mellen, ALTA Survey, Lot 4, Blk.14, Garden Homes, Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.41, Sec.25, T.13S., R.13E., Fontana Ave., Navajo Rd., Geronimo Ave., Fort Lowell Rd. T13S R13E 25
Z-2018-510 Robert F Mellen, Lot 54, Tucson Park West, Bk.17 of Maps and Plats at Pg.39, Sec.16, T.14S., R.13E., Calle Arandas T14S R13E 16
Z-2019-139 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-133,2432, '36, '38, '40 N GERONIMO Av.,Lot 3, Blk 63, Coronado Heights, Bk 3 of maps and plats, pg.115, T13S, R13E, S36 SE1/4,N GERONIMO Av, E Alturas St. T13S R13E 36
Z-2018-255 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.17, T.13S., R.13E., El Camino del Cerro T13S R13E 17
Z-2018-256 Robert F Mellen, Arizona Sunshine #2 Mining Claim No.4080 Amole District, Sec.28, T.14S., R.13E., 36th St., Paradise Mountain Rd. T14S R13E 28
Z-2019-141 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-135, 5730 S 14TH AVE., Lot 43, Blk 1, Verano Vista, Bk 11 of maps and plats, pg 34, T15S, R13E, S11 NE1/4, S 14TH AVE, W Calle Malu. T15S R13E 11
Z-2017-251 Robert F Mellen,Lot 1,Garden Homes,Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.41,Sec.25,T.13S.,R.13E.,Fontana Ave.,Yavapai Rd. T13S R13E 25
Z-2018-513 Robert F Mellen, Lots 1, 2, and 3, Blk.2, Garden Homes, Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.41, Sec.25, T.13S., R.13E., Prince Rd. T13S R13E 25
Z-2018-515 Robert F Mellen, Lot 10, Blk.2, Venice Addition, Bk.4 of Maps and Plats at Pg.92, Sec.35, T.13S., R.14E., Torino Ave., San Francisco Blvd. T13S R14E 35
Z-2019-144 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-140, 4123 E CALLE HENEQUEN, BARRIO CENTRO Subdivition on Ft Lowell (1-84), E FORT LOWELL RD and Laurel Av, Parcel 1-2, Camp Lowell Corp. Center, Bk 57 maps and plats, pg.10, T13S, R14E, S34 NE1/4, E Fort Lowell Rd., N Alvernon Wy. T13S R14E 34
Z-2017-254 Robert F Mellen,Lot 184,Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E.,Calle Sin Controversia T12S R14E 32
Z-2018-260 Robert F Mellen, Lot 15, Blk.1, Craycroft Addition, Bk.7 of Maps and Plats at Pg.98, Sec.24, T.14S., R.14E., 23rd St, Saguaro Ave. T14S R14E 24
Z-2018-005 Robert F Mellen, Lot 237, Catalina Foothills Estates No.7, Bk.22 of Maps and Plats at Pg.76, Sec.18,T.13S.,R.14E.,Via Entrada T13S R14E 18
Z-2018-261 Robert F Mellen, Lots 6 and 8, Blk.1, Garden Homes Annex, Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54, Sec.31, T.13S., R.14E., 1st Ave., Euclid Ave. T13S R14E 31
Z-2017-256 Robert F Mellen,Lot 6,7,Blk.2,Fruitvale Addn.,Bk.4 of Maps and Plats at Pg.58,Sec.33,T.13S.,R.14E.,Water St.,Edith Blvd. T13S R14E 33
Z-2018-006 Robert F Mellen, 4805 N La Lomita, Lot 2, Catalina Foothills Estates, Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.57, Sec.17,T.13S.,R.14E., La Lomita T13S R14E 17