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Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2020-228 Z-2020-228
Z-2020-229 Z-2020-229
Z-2020-230 Z-2020-230
Z-2016-003 Army Corp of Engineers, Point and Elevation data, Rillito Creek, Pantano Wash, Tanque Verde Creek, apparent pages missing, no date
Z-2020-231 Z-2020-231
Z-2020-232 Z-2020-232
Z-2020-233 Z-2020-233
Z-2020-234 Z-2020-234
Z-2020-235 Z-2020-235
Z-2020-236 Z-2020-236
Z-2020-237 Z-2020-237
Z-2020-238 Z-2020-238
Z-2020-239 Z-2020-239
Z-2020-240 Z-2020-240
Z-2020-241 Z-2020-241
Z-2020-242 Z-2020-242
Z-2020-243 Z-2020-243
Z-2020-244 Z-2020-244
Z-2020-245 Z-2020-245
Z-2020-246 Z-2020-246
Z-2020-247 Z-2020-247
Z-2020-248 Z-2020-248
Z-2020-249 Z-2020-249
Z-2020-250 Z-2020-250
Z-2020-251 Z-2020-251
Z-2019-167 Z-2019-167 Robert F. Mellen, Job #86-52 ( STILL NEEDS TO BE IDENTIFIED )
Z-2020-252 Z-2020-252
Z-2020-253 Z-2020-253
Z-2020-254 Z-2020-254
Z-2020-255 Z-2020-255
Z-2020-256 Z-2020-256
Z-2020-257 Z-2020-257
Z-2020-258 Z-2020-258
Z-2020-259 Z-2020-259
Z-2020-260 Z-2020-260
Z-2020-261 Z-2020-261
Z-2020-262 Z-2020-262
Z-2020-007 Z-2020-007
Z-2020-263 Z-2020-263
Z-2020-008 Z-2020-008
Z-2020-264 Z-2020-264
Z-2020-265 Z-2020-265
Z-2020-266 Z-2020-266
Z-2020-267 Z-2020-267
Z-2020-268 Z-2020-268
Z-2020-013 Z-2020-013
Z-2020-269 Z-2020-269
Z-2020-271 Z-2020-271
Z-2020-016 Z-2020-016
Z-2020-272 Z-2020-272

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