Pavement Moratorium Search

Any major streets or routes newly constructed or overlaid within the past five years are subject to the Pavement Cut Moratorium.

This page will display the date of the last work done on every segment that matches your search criteria so that you may determine if the Pavement Cut Moratorium applies.

If you have questions about the Pavement Cut Moratorium or obtaining permits to cut pavement please call (520) 791-5100 and ask for the Permits and Codes section.

Enter the criteria for your search

Begin typing the first few letters of the Street Name then click the green button to search the list.

NOTE: This will only search for roads designated as Arterial or Collector per PAG's Functional Classifications and falling within the City limits.

There may be a delay between the completion of a project and the updating of its last construction date.

Searchable Pavement Moratorium Map

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