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Preliminary Applicant Questionnaire

Applicants — You Must Read and Sign

I understand and acknowledge the following information:
  • This application package and all supporting documents become the property of the City of Tucson Police Department and will not be returned to me.
  • If disqualified, or otherwise not selected for employment, I am not entitled to disclosure of the reason for the hiring decision.
  • Any omission, misrepresentation or falsification on this document, or in any subsequent interview or hiring document, will permanently disqualify me from any employment with the Tucson Police Department.
  • I hereby affirm that the information and answers provided by me to all items in this applicant questionnaire are, to the best of my knowledge, true, complete and accurate. I understand that any false statements, including written, can be prosecuted under ARS ยง13-2704, Unsworn Falsification, a Class-2 Misdemeanor.

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