Tucson Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

The Department of Transportation believes that bicycling and walking are important modes of transportation. To facilitate biking and walking in Tucson we do the following:

  • Plan, implement and maintain a network of bikeways and walkways
  • Plan and construct pedestrian and bicycle signals
  • Identify and rectify barriers to walking and biking
  • Educate motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on "rules of the road"
  • Encourage walking and bicycling by initiating and continuing to support key projects, such as Cyclovia Tucson, Bike Fest, Pedal the Pueblo and the El Grupo Youth bicycle camps
  • Install bicycle parking
  • Collaborate with the Tucson Police Department on enforcement strategies

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In The News

  • The Mayors' Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets Action Team completed a Self-Assessment Summary Document, which assesses Tucson's current practices, challenges, and potential improvement actions. Go to the Mayors' Challenge page for more information.
  • The Pima Association of Governments recently began a new pedestrian safety campaign: Walk Safe, Drive Safe. Go to their home page to learn more about what you can do to walk, bike, and drive more safely. Don't forget to take the pledge to be safer no matter how you travel!
  • Check out our new pedestrian safety brochure!
  • Over 20,000 people attended the most recent Cyclovia Tucson event on April 19, 2015!  Visit Cyclovia Tucson for more information regarding the next event on November 1, 2015.
  • Tucson is working on a Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan to develop an alternative mode network using our neighborhood streets.  There are five Bicycle Boulevards under design now and will be constructed in the next few years.  
  • New pedestrian/bike signals are going up around town to help people get across busy roads.  The City is working on installing several of these at this time.  Stay tuned for a signal coming to your neighborhood soon! 
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2015 Annual Report


The Bicycle and Pedestrian Program has accomplished a great deal in the past few years. To learn more about our recent projects and programs - and see pictures of our work - read our 2015 Annual Report. The report also contains information on our public engagement efforts, including our citizen-led committees and online survey efforts. Additionally, the Annual Report is full of useful Tucson-specific biking and walking statistics: How many Tucsonans bike and walk? Where do Tucsonans bike and walk? How many miles of biking facilities does Tucson have? Finally, the 2015 Annual Report concludes with a preview of what we are working on for the next few years. At the end of the report, you'll find a map that identifies the locations of all of our upcoming projects and programs. Click on the report cover below to read.

Tucson Bike Share


The City of Tucson recently completed a Bike Share Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan. Bike share provides another transportation option for short-trips around urbanized areas. In Tucson, bike share can leverage the investment in the modern streetcar and make our community more bicycle-friendly. Find out more about bike share for Tucson

Safe Routes to School for Tucson


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs encourage daily physical activity and the development of healthy habits in youth by promoting regular walking and biking to school. Walking and biking also reduces traffic congestion and pollution around schools, improves safety in school zones, and provides families and friends an opportunity to share time with each other and build connections in their community. The City of Tucson launched a new Safe Routes to School program in August 2014 operated by the Living Streets Alliance.

Bike Boxes


The City of Tucson now has four bike boxes (6th St and Highland, Grant Road and Fontana, Speedway and 4th Avenue) and a partial bike box (Grant Road and Mountain Avenue)

Bike Box

Please check out our brochure to see what you should know about the Bike Box pdf

Diagram of Highland/6th Street Bike Box pdf

Images (Flikr)

Images from around Tucson