Bike Parking

Having secure places to park a bike at local destinations is essential to encouraging people to bike more often. The Department of Transportation promotes the use of bicycles by adding bicycle parking throughout the City and region. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Program has installed over 800 new bike parking spaces since 2007. To request a location for a new rack or corral, email your request to the department.

Upgraded bike racks at the Tucson Convention Center. ►
(Thanks to Kryptonite for donating the racks!)


Free Bicycle Racks

The City of Tucson Director of Transportation signed a policy in 2013 to provide new bike racks to Tucson businesses who request them. Businesses need to request bike parking and a TDOT staff member will evaluate the site to determine the best location and type of bike parking. If the best location is on the public sidewalk, the Tucson Department of Transportation will install them. If the best location is on private property, the business is eligible to receive racks that they must then install.

The new policy was signed on June 10, 2013 and includes more detailed information. View the Bike Rack Distribution Policy .

Other Bike Rack and Locker Locations

University of Arizona Campus Bike Parking

Sun Tran Lockers

Development Requirements

The City of Tucson requires that bicycle parking be provided with most new developments.  On March 22, 2011 Mayor and Council adopted new Parking Requirements, which includes bicycle parking.  The previous adopted code can be found in the City of Tucson's Land Use Code and Development Standards .

The new code was adopted on March 22, 2011. Select the link below to view it:

On-Street Bike Corrals

Epic Cafe Bike Corral