Bikeways, Footpaths, and Maps

Tucson Bikeways Map

The City of Tucson collaborated with Pima Association of Governments to develop a convenient, pocket-sized map to help bicyclists find the most appropriate route to reach their destination. Signalized pedestrian crossing locations, traffic signals, and bike shops are a few features that make this map really helpful. View the map.

Tucson Metro Bike Map

Page 1 - includes urban core and downtown inset

Page 2 - includes U of A inset and bike safety overview


The Tucson Metro Area Bike Map provides information on existing bike routes, lanes, and shared use paths. Local and state bike laws, safety information and resources are also included. It is produced by Pima County.

 You can pick up a map at your local Ward office, bike shop, library or at our office downtown at 201 N. Stone Ave.  If you are local please try to pick up a map at one of these location.  If you are out of town you can request that a map be mailed to you.  For bulk orders, please call 724-BIKE.

University of Arizona Campus Bike Map

Neighborhood Bike Maps

Sunnyside and Elvira Neighborhood Bike Map

Green Valley (Front) (Back)

Sun Tran Bus Routes