E- Scooter Pilot Program




What is E-Scooter Share?

E-scooters emerged in 2017 as a new shared mobility service in the United States. Like bike share and car share, the service provides a shared vehicle – an electric-powered scooter – to rent for one-way trips.


How does E-Scooter Share work?

To begin a rental, users unlock a scooter through the company’s smartphone app. Some companies offer a call or text service to unlock for those without smartphones. To end a trip, users park the scooter on the sidewalk close to the curb and out of the pedestrian travel zone. Many companies require riders to confirm they have parked the e-scooter correctly by submitting a photo through the company’s app in order to end their rental. 


Tucson's E-Scooter Pilot Program

The City of Tucson is exploring new ways of providing flexible, affordable, and accessible multi-modal transportation options for all. To support this goal, and address the challenges introduced by new technologies, the City is launching a 6-month Shared Mobility Pilot Program. The Pilot will launch September 12, 2019 with two operators: Bird and Razor. Each operator may launch and up to 500 scooters (1,000 total), and can an launch an additional 250 scooters in "opportunity zones" - characterized by a high percentage of low-income households without access to a motor vehicle.


E-Scooter Pilot Program FAQ

Preguntas Frecuentes: Programa Piloto de Scooter Electrónico   

Pilot program permit requirements:

Pilot Program Overview  |  Permit Requirements  |  Insurance Requirements 

Indemnity Agreement  |  Device Servicer Certification  |  Opportunity Areas Map


What to know before you go



Questions or concerns? 


E-Scooter Reporting & Feedback:

To report an improperly parked scooter or another issue, contact the relevant companies directly (company contact information is also on every e-scooter).


Bird:  1.866.205.2442  |  hello@bird.co      Razor: (833) LAST-MILE  |  sharesupport@razorusa.com



*Please note, per City of Tucson permit requirements, any e-scooter that is reported for being parked incorrectly is required to be promptly re-parked in a correct manner or removed by the operator within two hours of receiving notice.

Pilot Program Questions & Feedback:

For general questions or feedback about the Pilot Program, contact TDOT Concerns at 791-3154 or tdotconcerns@tucsonaz.gov