Bike Maps

Tucson Bikeways Map

A collaboration of the City of Tucson and Pima Association of Governments, this pocket-sized map shows signalized crossing locations, traffic signals, bike shops, and many other features to help bicyclists find the best route to their destination.  View a PDF of the Tucson Bikeways map, visit the PAG website to access the interactive map and smartphone app, or order a paper copy free of charge using the form below.


Tucson Metro Regional Bike Map

The Tucson Metro Area Bike Map provides information on existing bike routes, lanes, and shared use paths. Local and state bike laws, safety information and resources are also included. It is produced by Pima County.  View PDFs of the Tucson Metro map - Page 1 (cover, outlying areas, and UA campus) and Page 2 (urban core and Colossal Cave area).  


The Loop Map

View a PDF of the Loop path network map or access the interactive map online.


University of Arizona Bike Routes Map

The University of Arizona map shows bike routes, bike parking, campus bike share locations, and more.  View a PDF of the UA Bike Routes map.

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