Bike Share Coming to Tucson in 2017

The City of Tucson is on track to launch a public bike share system in 2017. In preparation for bike share, Tucson completed a Bike Share Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan. There is a lot of great information that came out of the study, including the finding that bike share is feasible for Tucson, starting in the downtown and UA areas.   


What is bike share?

Public bike share is a mobility option that allows users to access bicycles located at a network of self-service stations for short trips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It provides a transportation alternative for Tucson residents, employees, students, and visitors.


Where will bike share stations be located in Tucson?

There are currently 42 possible station locations. It is estimated that bike share will launch with 30 station locations. The final site selections will be determined by public input and technical considerations. See the interactive map above. You can click on "Visible layers" to turn parts of the map on or off.


How will bike share be funded?

The City of Tucson has federal grant funding to launch this project. It is anticipated that operations and maintenance costs will be covered by user fees, sponsorships and advertising.


My business is interested in sponsoring. How do I find out more?

There are several levels of sponsorships available. Contact or 520-837-6691 to learn more.


Project Resources

Below are links to project resources. These will be updated throughout the project (note: some of these are large files that may take some time to download):

Map of Proposed Station Locations

Bike Share Station Site Plans

Final Bike Share Feasibility Study Report

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