Broadway Boulevard Project

This project is a Regional Transportation Authority Plan  roadway improvement managed by the City of Tucson that will widen Broadway: Euclid to Country Club to a 6-lane arterial, with bike lanes, sidewalks, and landscape.  The project is currently in the design phase.  Acquisition will not begin until 2016.  Construction is not anticipated until late 2017-2018.  Regular updates will be provided by email and posted online to keep the Citizens Task Force and public informed.  To sign up to receive email notifications, please email or call (520) 622-0815. 


New Project Web Site Under Construction

A new Design and Construction web site at is being developed and will be available soon. 


***NEW***    New BikeHAWK to Improve Safety at Broadway Boulevard and Treat Avenue  (8/19/15)

A new BikeHAWK is being installed to help bicyclists and pedestrians cross Broadway Boulevard.   This project puts in a signalized crosswalk which will provide immediate benefits for all users - pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.  Click here to read more about the Treat Avenue HAWK in the latest edition of the City of Tucson Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Newsletter.

Construction of the Treat Avenue HAWK

The BikeHAWK crosswalk costs $157,000 to construct. Over 90% of the temporary crosswalk's costs are for materials that will be reusable when the roadway is reconstructed.

The project is currently in the design phase, with utility relocations and construction anticipated for late 2017- 2018. For more project information, visit, call (520) 622-0815 or email Details about the RTA plan are available at



Project Updates


Baseline Alignment Concept for Broadway: Euclid to Country Club

       Click to view what Mayor and Council approved on June 9, 2015:
           Broadway Baseline Alignment Concept Map (Part B)

           Technical Design Parameters (Part A)

           Resolution 22410


The Mayor and Council also directed staff to begin conversations with impacted property and business owners, as well as updating the Major Streets & Routes Plan with this adopted alignment; and to begin compiling information regarding future land use options to be used following right-of-way acquisition. 

Please note:  Property negotiations will not begin until the project technical design reaches 30%, which is anticipated in Spring 2016.  Funding to purchase properties, as well as the granting of authority by the Mayor and Council to enter into negotiations, must be in place before Real Estate can begin this process.  These steps will happen when the design reaches 30%.  An initial schedule for work beginning now through Spring 2016 is provided below. 


Details about the RTA plan are available at

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