CTF Toolkit

The CTF Toolkit

This Toolkit (a.k.a. the CTF Toolkit) is designed to help the CTF members find the information they need to effectively represent and communicate with their stakeholders about the Broadway: Euclid to Country Club Roadway Improvement Project.  

Toolkit Elements
Toolkit Overview
^ Conversation Starters
       o Draft CTF Vision Statement (as of 2/18/2013)
       o Draft CTF Goal Topics and Statements (as of 2/18/2013)
^ Citizens Task Force Members and Who They Represent
^ MainStreet Business Assistance Information and RTA Mobility Brochure
       o Contact Sheet
       o Overview of services
       o RTA MainStreet Program Guide to Services (4-page)
       o Letter to Businesses, from project manager
       o RTA Mobility Brochure (April 2012)
^ Maps:
       o Project Study Area
       o Historic Properties (from the Historic Buildings Inventory Report)
       o RTA Project Drawings (part of 2005 RTA Cost Estimate Process)
       o Existing Roadway Dimensions Map  (15 MB; print dimensions 66" x 24")
CTF Meeting Schedule (through June 2013)
^ Project Fact Sheets:
       o Broadway Project Overview
       o Context Sensitive Solutions Primer
       o Designing Safe Urban Thoroughfares using Context Sensitive Solutions
       o Broadway Project Glossary of Terms (11/05/2012)
The information in this Toolkit is expected to change over time, as the project progresses, new materials are developed, and/or new information is requested.  If you have questions about items listed here, please email broadway@tucsonaz.gov.