Project Team


Lead Agency:  The City of Tucson Department of Transportation

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) is the lead agency and will "own" (figuratively and literally) this project when it's complete.  It is very important to the City that this project be successful not just from a public works perspective, but also in the commercial viability and public acceptance of the corridor. 

Beth Abramovitz, P.E. is the engineering project manager and will see the project through to construction.  Jennifer Toothaker was the planning project manager. 


Regional Transportation Authority

The RTA's $2.1 billion, 20-year regional transportation plan including a half-cent sales tax to fund it was approved Pima County voters it on May 16, 2006.  The RTA is the primary source of funding for this project.  It is overseen by its board of directors representing Pima County, the State Transportation Board, and various tribes and municipalities throughout Pima County.  Jim DeGrood, RTA's Transportation Services Director, is overseeing this project.


Pima County Department of Transportation

Pima County bonds will fund a portion of this project making it a sponsoring agency.  Rick Ellis, Pima County Department of Transportation Engineering Division Manager, is acting as Pima County's liaison.



HDR Engineering

HDR is the prime consultant and will coordinate the various subconsultants as well as provide any hard engineering input that is needed.   HDR is a nationwide firm with a wide range of expertise.  Recent work in Arizona includes the Hoover Dam bypass bridge over the Colorado River and the recently completed I-10 mainline improvements through downtown Tucson.  HDR was the consultant manager for the design of Tucson's modern streetcar project and currently the designer of Downtown Links. HDR's presence in Tucson is through the acquisition of Johnson Brittain & Associates and in that sense has been established in 1980.  Our experience in roadway planning and design includes several dozen arterial and highway projects for the City, Pima County and ADOT.

Michael Johnson will lead HDR's efforts on this project.  He is a Tucson native and fondly remembers shopping as a child with his grandmother at Broadway Village Market.  He has been involved in many roadway and drainage projects throughout the community over the years, and understands the value public input can provide.  One example is Mountain Avenue, Fort Lowell Road to Roger Road, a project that was very much influenced and improved by input from the bicycle community and residents of the area.

Community Design + Architecture

CD+A is located in Oakland, California and brings the specialized knowledge and experience with arterial corridor design needed to make this project successful not only as a roadway but as a thriving commercially viable corridor.  Phil Erickson is president of CD+A, and will lead their efforts for this project and will assisted by his principal planner, Tim Sullivan.  A key focus of Phil's professional practice is the application of Context Sensitive Solutions in the revitalization of urban and suburban corridors. Phil was the lead urban design and pedestrian design author of the ITE recommended practice mentioned earlier, and has lectured throughout the country about CSS and placemaking through roadway and context design. CD+A has had considerable success applying those principles to corridor development projects throughout the country (including Grant Road in Tucson).  Phil is a licensed architect in Arizona and has worked on numerous projects in Arizona over the past dozen years. He is quick to note every corridor is different and presents its own set of issues and challenges, but that the CSS process is designed to apply over a wide range of circumstances. 

Kittelson & Associates

Kittelson is a traffic engineering firm with roots in Tucson dating back to 1993 as Catalina Engineering.  They are very experienced with key traffic elements called for by this project-- multimodal roadway and intersection operational analysis, micro-simulation modeling that can be used to quantify the impact of HAWK pedestrian crossings, the effect of separate bus lanes, and so forth; roadway safety; and regional travel demand modeling such as that used by PAG to estimate future traffic volumes on major roadways throughout the region.   Kittelson is currently developing Dynamic Traffic Assignment modeling for PAG that will account for the impact of congestion on driver route choice.  Jim Schoen is the principal in charge of Kittelson's Tucson operation and is directing the traffic engineering activities relating to Broadway.  He has over 28 years traffic engineering experience, much of it in Tucson and is well aware of what works, what doesn't, and the strengths and shortcomings of current traffic engineering technology.

Swaim Associates

Swaim Associates was founded in Tucson in 1969 and has a long history of innovative approaches to fostering community and well-being in neighborhood and community centers, campuses, public facilities, and educational settings.  The firm is known for creative, innovative, contemporary architecture appropriate to the traditions, culture, and ecology of the southwest.  Phil Swaim who joined the firm in 1985 will be directing the Broadway effort. He will be assisted by Laura Vertes who is managing the historic resource and significant structures inventories.

Examples of previous work and recognition best illustrate the quality and sensibility that Swaim brings to this project.  These include

   --  Vail Academy and High School which won the 2010 Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Award;

   --  Civano Community School which received the 2008 Governor’s Achievement Award for Sustainable School Design;

   --  the LEED Platinum Certified Reid Park Zoo Conservation Learning Center which was awarded the 2008 Sonoran Institute Green Building Award, the 2008 Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Award, and the 2008 Arizona Parks & Recreation Association Outstanding Facility Award;

   --  the Brandi Fenton Memorial Park which received the 2008 Tucson/Pima Historical Commission, Historic Preservation and the 2007 Arizona Public Works Project of the Year.

Swaim brings a strong sense of the Tucson community and traditions to the project.

Economic and Planning Systems

Economic and Planning Systems (EPS) is the technical team’s real estate economics consultant.  In particular, they will provide input regarding projected tax revenue production associated with various types and levels of urban development and land use within the corridor.  They are based in Berkeley and routinely collaborate with CD+A.  They also have offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Denver, Colorado.  They have 35 consultants serving clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Kaneen Advertising and Public Relations

Kaneen has specialized in public involvement for the City of Tucson for many years including recent (or ongoing) projects of similar scope and challenge such as the Grant Road Corridor project and Downtown Links.  Joan Beckim who is leading Kaneen's effort for those projects is doing so for Broadway as well.  She will be assisted by Joshus Weaver, a native Tucsonan and UA Eller College graduate.  Kaneen will facilitate the flow of information and understanding between the design team, the CTF, sponsoring agencies, and the general public.

Tierra Right of Way Services

Tierra will be functioning as an extension of the City of Tucson's Real Estate Program initially providing the technical team with assessments of acquisition and relocation costs to help the decision process.  Ultimately they will assist the City with the acquisition and relocation process including locating and moving to suitable replacement property.  Tierra Right of Way Services, Ltd. (Tierra) is a woman- and minority-owned business enterprise that has provided right of way acquisition and relocation assistance to both public and private clients for over 22 years.  They have served the City of Tucson for over 11 years. 

Myrlene Francis is Tierra's Southern Arizona Project Manager.  She has provided most of the work for Broadway to date and will continue to perform the real estate planning activities through the DCR process.  Her experience includes several high-profile City projects such as the Kino Overpass at 22nd Street, the Grant Road Corridor, the Houghton Road Corridor, Downtown Links, the recently completed and Speedway, Camino Seco to Houghton Road, and the Modern Streetcar Real Estate Acquisition Management Plan (RAMP).  Mack Dickerson is Tierra’s Vice President of Right of Way Operations and will be available as needed by the Technical Team.

MainStreet Business Assistance

The businesses along Broadway are likely to be most impacted by this project, whether they must relocate or remain during the construction.  RTA's MainStreet Business Assistance program has been established to help businesses to remain viable in both cases, prior to and during construction.  MainStreet does this by providing information, facilitating communication, and offering business consulting services. During construction it acts as an ombudsman on behalf of businesses to resolve issues, provide schedule and detour information, and so forth.  Britton Dornquast manages the MainStreet program and will oversee and collaborate with Jan Waukon, the primary MainStreet liaison assigned to Broadway.

Nanci Beizer

Nanci Beizer will facilitate CTF and public meetings.  Though employed through the overall consultant contract, her job is to independently moderate the meetings to ensure that (1) attention remains focused on the issues at hand; (2) that agendas and schedules are adhered to, (3) that opportunity for input is afforded to all parties and positions, and (4) that the specific input being sought by the technical team is obtained.  Nanci is performing a similar function for the ongoing Grant Road Corridor project.