Broadway Volvo Site

The former Broadway Volvo site (930-948 E. Broadway and adjacent City owned parcels) is strategically placed to be a gateway property to both the downtown and the Broadway Corridor. The redevelopment of this catalytic site would provide a positive economic impact resulting in increased tax revenues to the City and would contribute to the urban fabric of the City as a means to attract new employers and residents to the area.

Broadway Volvo PAD Rezoning Status:  In 2017, Mayor and Council directed staff to pursue a rezoning that would change the property’s current Commercial 3 (C-3) and Industrial 1 (I-1) zones to a Planned Area Development (PAD) zone that has been tailored to the site.  The PAD zone being proposed supports future mixed-use, transit-oriented and pedestrian-oriented development that is compatible of the surrounding land uses, historic character, and multimodal facilities.

On February 21, 2018, the Mayor and Council directed staff to issue a solicitation for proposals to purchase and redevelop the site.  The successful bidder will complete the PAD rezoning process as a co-applicant with the City (see the Revised Schedule).

***As of May 1, 2018, solicitations for proposals to purchase and redevelop this site are being accepted through
Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 4pm local time. 
Learn more and submit your proposals at ***



Broadway Volvo PAD Zone - May 3, 2018  (full file: 5 MB)
Appendix - May 3, 2018  (full file:  34MB)

Appendix A - 3/20/2014 Memo to Mayor & Council
Appendix B - 5/23/2017 Mayor & Council Meeting Legal Action Report
Appendix C - 2/21/2018 Mayor & Council Legal Action Report
Appendix D - 9/18/2014 Broadway Volvo Visioning Workshop Notes
Appendix E - Broadway Volvo Redevelopment - Review of Area and Neighborhood Plans
Appendix F - Project for Public Spaces' A Placemaking Vision Plan for the Broadway Corridor
Appendix G1.  930-936 E Broadway Historic Property Inventory Form (2017 revised)
                        2.  948 E Broadway Historic Property Inventory Form
                        3.  State Historic Preservation Officer Concurrence Memo, 9/18/2017
Appendix HArroyo Chico Multi-Use Path, Final Planning Memorandum 7/2017
Appendix I - 6/13/2016 Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), Case No. 15-09-2298P
Appendix J - Broadway Volvo PAD Zone Stakeholder Comments, 1/4/2018-2/15/2018
Appendix K - Completed Development Package Application Checklist (Draft)
Appendix L - Transportation Impact Analysis and Mitigations


Upcoming Meetings

There are currently no meetings scheduled.


Previous Meetings:

NEIGHBORHOOD PUBLIC MEETING:  General Presentation & Discussion; Required as part of the Rezoning Process

Thursday, February 15, 5:30-7pm
Miles Exploratory Learning Center, 1400 E Broadway

The neighborhood meeting will allow the revised PAD Zone to be presented prior to submitting it for the formal rezoning process.  As part of the formal rezoning process, reviews of the PAD will be conducted by Planning and Development Services Department and the City’s Zoning Examiner, and approval granted by the Mayor and City Council.  Revisions have been developed, considering comments collected since Jan. 4, 2018.

Draft Revisions and Comments Collected:  The following documents reflect the changes being proposed, and comments relating to the segment are attached.  These were presented on February 12, 2018 and additional refinements are being made.  The final revised PAD Zone document will be posted and shared prior to submittal to PDSD.


DRAFT Broadway Volvo Planned Area Development (November, 2017):  RZ17-005  

Draft Document, Nov., 2017 version (pdf)   

Draft Appendices (pdf)


Overview of the Proposed Broadway Volvo Planned Area Development (PAD) (pdf)

REVISED Proposed Broadway Volvo Rezoning – Process and Anticipated Schedule (pdf)


2014 Visioning & Design Workshop

In early 2014, the Mayor and Council directed staff to identify underutilized properties ready to be redeveloped.  The City held a goal and visioning workshop on Sept. 18, 2014 as part of the planning process surrounding the redevelopment of this property.  Approximately 45 people attended the workshop and shared their goals and visions for the site.  

Summary of goals and vision:

  • Consider planning the entire area (Broadway to the North, Park to the east, Euclid to the west and 12 St  and TUSD site)
  • General consensus that site can accommodate higher density than there is now, while providing necessary buffer to adjacent neighborhoods – more intense uses should be at southwest corner of site or along Broadway
  • General consensus that the area should be both bike and pedestrian oriented with appropriate amenities
  • General consensus that the area serves as a gateway to Broadway corridor (Sunshine Mile) and Downtown

Broadway Volvo Visioning & Design Workshop

Broadway Volvo Workshop Notes