Downtown Redevelopment


Tucson's vibrant downtown core is the place to experience the boundless cultural and outdoor festivals of the city. The Modern Streetcar links the downtown and the University of Arizona invigorating the area with activity day and night.

Tucson boasts a vibrant arts community with numerous museums, including the Arizona State Museum, the Tucson Museum of Art, and the Center for Creative Photography. The Downtown Arts District is crowded with theaters, restaurants and performance spaces. The community supports a ballet, a symphony, an opera company, and a jam-packed calendar of live music and performing arts choices.

The City's new Sun Link Modern Streetcar line runs from the west side of downtown through the heart of the City, along the popular Fourth Avenue shopping district, through the University of Arizona Main Campus, to the University Medical Center. Streetcar development has already brought over $600 million in private investment to downtown Tucson.