Mural Program


The City of Tucson is accepting proposals from artists interested in created murals in the downtown area. Review the Call to Artists and submit a proposal by midnight on Sept. 28, 2018.

The City of Tucson is dedicated to creating a vibrant, safe and interesting greater downtown. As we work toward that goal, it is a priority to beautify blighted areas, strengthen the local culture, and provide a visually-friendly environment for residents and visitors to dine, shop, work, and live.

The Tucson Mural Program is providing funding for murals that reflect diversity in style and culture. The program will encourage artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply and offer their ideas and designs for these murals.

Why Paint Murals?

  • Tagging prevention
  • Beautify blighted areas
  • Give local artists a canvass to express themselves
  • Build and strengthen the culture of the city

Tagging is the most common type of property vandalism (35%), according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Mural programs throughout the country have been an effective graffiti prevention strategy.  Murals beautify the streets while decreasing vandalism and eliminating the blank canvass opportunity for taggers. When done well, they can create a greater appreciation of the visual arts.

Where do we plan to paint murals?

  • Greater Downtown Tucson
  • Blank or underutilized building walls
  • Locations that have been targeted by tagging in the past

What type of artwork will be used in the murals?

  • Artwork that is inspired by Tucson’s culture & history
  • Art of all sorts that fits the culture and style of downtown Tucson
  • Artwork that has a style of its own that brightens and enlivens the energy and atmosphere greater downtown
  • Artwork that adds to the urban fabric of greater downtown

How many murals do we want to create?

  • With available funding, we can select up to 10 locations 
  • New funding could help hit the project goal of 25 sites throughout greater downtown Tucson

Who benefits from the Murals?

  • Visitors
  • Business owners
  • Residents

How do we fund the Murals?

  • Sponsorship from local businesses and individuals looking to give back to the community in a tangible way (You!)
  • A competitive grant received from the Tohono O’odham Nation (Thanks!)

The Tucson Mural Program is a great way for local businesses to give back to the community and increase the impact through financial sponsorship of the program.  Sponsorship will expand the City’s efforts to hire artists, pay for supplies, and provide all of the essentials for successful implementation of the program.

Why should you support this program?

  • Investing back into the community through this program helps build local partnerships, promotes collaboration between public and private organizations, and helps enhance Tucson’s appearance while cutting down on detrimental graffiti problems.

Click here for a map of the completed murals!




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or visit the Tucson Arts Brigade webpage.


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