CGI Advantage Upgrade

Introduction / Overview

CGI Advantage® (Advantage®) is the City of Tucson’s Financial Information System.  Advantage® is business management software that allows the City to use a combination of integrated applications to manage its business functions. 

Advantage® uses an approach to financial management that allows users control financial resources, while being responsive to the challenges of modern public finance. Advantage® incorporates a variety of business areas, such as Budgeting, General and Cost Accounting, Asset Management, Accounts Payable/Receivable. This results in a single, integrated system that addresses the key financial management processes needed to conduct the business of the City.

The City has implemented five (5) major components of the CGI Advantage® application:

  1. CGI Advantage® Administration (ADM)
  2. CGI Advantage® Financial Management (FIN)
  3. CGI Advantage® Performance Budgeting (PB)
  4. CGI Advantage® Human Resource Management (HRM)
  5. CGI Advantage® InfoAdvantage Reporting

The City has decided to perform an upgrade of the Advantage® application.  Additionally, the City is seeking to perform configuration of new, additional functionality to the five (5) major components listed above.

Kick-off Slides (pdf)

Schedule (High-level)

Project Activity Milestones


Project Controls (Status Reporting, Governance, Issues/Risks, Project Team and Status Meetings)

August 2017

Project Kick-Off

August 2017

Upgrade Analysis (Start)

August 2017

Detailed Project Plan

September 2017

Upgrade Analysis (End)

November 2017

Shakedown Testing and System Configuration (Start)

October 2017

Integrated System Testing (Start)

January 2018

User Acceptance Testing (Start)

March 2018

Readiness Assessment (Start)

March 2018

Upgrade Training (Start) 

June 2018

Production Cutover (Start)

June 2018

System Go-Live

August 2018