2022 City Redistricting

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    Redistricting Advisory Committee

    Information about Redistricting:

    Two years after the Decennial Census is complete, the boundaries of the six wards of the City are reviewed to determine whether adjustments are necessary to equalize the population in each ward. The Mayor and Council have established a citizens committee to assist with this effort.

    Policy Objectives

    Within the required federal constitutional and charter framework, the City also strives to accommodate its own traditional and ongoing policy objectives concerning redistricting. These objectives are:

    1. Maintain established and recognizable ward boundaries with a minimum of disruption;
    1. Sustain the compactness of the wards as they previously exist;
    1. Maintain ethnic balance so as to not dilute the Hispanic vote;
    1. Give preference to options that will advance “rough proportionality” of minority voting power;
    1. Give preference to options that reduce dilution that may otherwise exist from prior “packing” or “fragmenting”; and
    1. Reduce voter confusion by realignment of precincts having populations represented by more than one ward.