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The latest Mayor's Declaration of Continuing Emergency continues to limit BCC meetings only to those functions critical to the development review process, and the review of grants to the City or other financial assistance until further notice. These meetings will be conducted remotely through technological means and will not result in a public gathering. Limitations on public attendance remain in effect until the termination of the emergency in order to promote and protect public health and safety.

The restrictions that normally apply to these BCCs that limit the number of voting members who can appear remotely are temporarily suspended. The suspension of these restrictions is also extended to those City BCCs whose duties include:

1.  Fiduciary oversight of City pensions, trusts and similar systems, including but not limited to the TSRS board, the local PSPRS boards, and similar BCCs; and

2.  Conduct Charter-required appeals, including the Civil Service Commission.

Any member of a City BCC that is authorized to meet remotely pursuant to the Mayor's Declaration of Continuing Emergency but who refuses to attend such a meeting, and by doing so prevents the convening of a quorum of that body, remains in effect and is subject to removal by his or her appointing authority for cause. If you have any questions, please send them to

Outdoor Lighting Code Committee (OLCC)

1) Documentation:

Current AgendaPast Agendas Reports
Current LARPast LARs    
Current Minutes and AudioPast Minutes and Audio    

2) Description

To hear, review and recommend to elected officials amendments to the outdoor lighting code being studied for local adoption. Exempt from 8 year term limit and Tucson Code 10A-134(c).

3) Maximum Number of Members


4) Meeting Location

To be provided. Meeting notices posted at the Public Works Building, 1st Floor, 201 N. Stone Ave, and City Hall, 255 W. Alameda.

5) Meeting Time

Meets as required.

6) Information Sheet

7) Members

Mr. Craig BarronMemberMayor and CouncilPublic Representative
Mr. Dennis CoonMemberMayor and CouncilElectrical Engineer
Mr. Buell JannuziMemberMayor and CouncilAstronomy Representative
Mr. John JollyMemberMayor and CouncilLighting Design
Mr. Hyman KaplanMemberMayor and CouncilElectrical Engineer
Mr. Jason LopezMemberMayor and CouncilLicensed Contractor
Mr. Paul SmithMemberMayor and CouncilAstronomy Representative

For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

Datapages for the boards are provided in Adobe PDF format. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view the documents.