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BCC's are beginning to meet again. Until further notice and direction from the City Manager's Office, all meetings are to be conducted remotely through technological means (i.e., Microsoft Teams). Members of the public may listen in on the meetings from a computer, tablet or phone. To access the meeting, go to the agenda for the meeting you are interested in, and click on the meeting link. See screenshot below for example of login instructions if BCC is using Microsoft Teams:



Outdoor Lighting Code Committee (OLCC)

1) Documentation:

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Current Agenda:

    2) Description

    To hear, review and recommend to elected officials amendments to the outdoor lighting code being studied for local adoption. Exempt from 8 year term limit and Tucson Code 10A-134(c).

    3) Maximum Number of Members


    4) Meeting Location

    To be provided.

    5) Meeting Time

    Meets as required.

    6) Information Sheet

    7) Members

    Mr. Craig BarronMemberMayor and CouncilPublic Representative
    Mr. Dennis CoonMemberMayor and CouncilElectrical Engineer
    Mr. Buell JannuziMemberMayor and CouncilAstronomy Representative
    Mr. John JollyMemberMayor and CouncilLighting Design
    Mr. Hyman KaplanMemberMayor and CouncilElectrical Engineer
    Mr. Jason LopezMemberMayor and CouncilLicensed Contractor
    Mr. Paul SmithMemberMayor and CouncilAstronomy Representative

    For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

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