Youth Voter Outreach

Youth Voter Outreach is a non-partisan program funded through the City of Tucson’s City Clerk’s Office. We actively visit local high school classes throughout the Tucson Area in order to increase the youth voter turnout rate. Our mission is simple; to increase the percentage of young voters that vote each election cycle. Our presenters are all college students who share their passion about the importance of civic responsibility and participation in the community. Our team has a unique ability to relate to your students as their peers, generating a different perspective than most educators.

In the 2007 City of Tucson Elections, the Youth Voter Outreach Program successfully recruited over 100 students to work as election board officials for the Primary and General Elections. This was the first time in Tucson’s history that 16 and 17 year olds were able to work at the polls. As Standing Clerks, the students were able to observe and take part in all the Election Board responsibilities. It is our hope that by giving these students the ability to observe the election process first hand they will be more inclined to vote in the future.

Youth Voter Outreach has also been successful in registering hundreds of local students to vote. Statistics show that when a person begins to vote as a young adult, they will continue to vote the rest of their lives. It is critical that we reach out to students as soon as they are eligible to vote, and to make it easy for them to do so.

"History is made by those who show up" - The West Wing