Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL)

In 2007, the Arizona state legislature passed a law that allows a voter to place their name on a “Permanent Early Voting List”, which is maintained by the County Recorder. Should a voter determine they wish to be placed on this list the voter no longer has to request an early ballot be mailed to them. A ballot will automatically be mailed to the early voter.

Once a voter chooses to be included on this list, they will remain on the list until one of the following occurs first:

  • Their voter registration is cancelled.
  • Election materials mailed to them is returned by the Postal Service marked undeliverable.
  • They request in writing to be removed from the list.

In order to be included on the "Permanent Early Voting List", the voter must make a written request to the Pima County Recorder ( specifically asking that their name be added to the permanent list. The request must include the voter's name, residence address, and mailing address within the county they reside (if different from the residence address), date of birth and their signature.

Voters will receive a notice about 90 days (approximately 3 months) prior to an election with a postage-paid postcard that you can use to tell us you do not want an early ballot for that election. The postcard will also allow you to update your voter registration information.