Political Committee Statement of Organizations 2009

Below is a list of Political Committee's Statement of Organization from 2009


09-139-CT Karin Uhlich
09-140-CT Trasoff for Tucson
09-142-CT Fimbres for Council
09-143-CT Vote Steve K
09-145-CT Buehler-Garcia Amended
09-146-CT Gomez-for-Tucson Amended
09-146-CT Judith-Gomez-for-City-Council
09-148-CT Vote Shaun-Amended
09-148-CT Vote Shaun
09-150-CT Croteu-Campaign
09-153-CT Mary DeCamp-500 Dollar Threshold Exemption Statement
09-156-CT DeCamp Campaign

Political Committees

01-44-CT Tucsonans For Excellence in Government Amended
01-44-CT Tucsonans For Excellence in Government
05-099-CT Arizona Families United for Strong Communities - A Project of SEIU COPE Amended
05-101-CT Fire Fighters for Excellence in Govt
07-129-CT UNITE HERE TIP Campaign Committee
08-133-CT FairElect-Tucson
08-134-CT FairElect-Tucson for Ward Voting
08-135-CT FairElect-Tucson for Instant Runoff Voting
08-136-CT FairElect-Tucson for Mayor from Council
08-137-CT FairElect-Tucson for Ward Size Limits
08-138-CT FairElect-Tucson for Primary Election Elimination
09-144-CT Public-Safety-First-for-2009-I001
09-144-CT Public Safety First
09-144-CT Public Safety First 2009-I001
09-144-CT Public Safety First for 2009-I001
09-149-CT Enough Tax For Tucson
09-151-CT Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund - 500-Dollar Threshold Exemption Statement
09-152-CT Plumbers Steamfitters and Refridgeration Union
09-154-CT Dont Handcuff Tucson Amended--No On 200 Dont Handcuff Tucson
09-154-CT Dont Handcuff Tucson
09-155-CT Cactus Political Action Committee
09-157-CT The Committee for Responsive Government
09-158-CT Tucson Vision Committee
09-159-CT LD 28 Democrats of Pima County
09-160-CT Las Adelitas Arizona Amended
09-160-CT Las Adelitas Arizona
09-161-CT Enough Tax Against Prop 200
200602799 Arizona Fire Fighters PAC
85-023-CT Pima County Republican Party
85-023-CT Republican Party
85-030-CT Democratic Party
89-090-CT Libertarian Party
90-094-CT Green Party
96-179-CT Tucson Police Officer's Association Amended

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