Code Enforcement Violation Report

  • WEEDS: An accumulation of weeds and/or grass on a property or abutting right-of-way or alley area.

  • JUNKED / INOPERABLE VEHICLES: Vehicles that are damaged, inoperable, or cannot be safely operated.

  • EXTERIOR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: Multiple property issues (i.e. weeds, refuse, and storage).

  • REFUSE: An accumulation of refuse on a private property and/or abutting right-of-way or alley area.

  • STORAGE: Visible or excessive storage located in front yard, porch, or carport, or over 25% of total lot area.

  • ILLEGAL DUMPING: Illegal dumping of material in alleys and public rights-of-way.

  • MINIMUM HOUSING STANDARDS: Tenant and manager's name & phone required.

  • ZONING: Property line setbacks, home occupation business, change of use, historical zones, etc.

  • WORK WITHOUT PERMITS: Construction, electrical, plumbing, etc. without required permit.

  • SIGNS: Illegal signs or signs lacking permit.

All report submittals must be within the City of Tucson limits. 

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Reports of junked or inoperable vehicles must include make, model, location, and conditions of vehicle.
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