Occupational Safety and Health Manual

Central Safety Information
City Manager Letter City of Tucson Safety Policy
Central Safety Services Mission Supervisor's Safety Actions
Central Safety Services Values Central Safety Services Directory
Employee Safety Rules Table of Contents


Safety Procedures
S-001 Personal Protective Equipment S-018 Welding Procedure
S-002 Report of Hazard or Unsafe Condition S-019 Electrical Work Practices & Guidelines
S-003 Excavations and Trenching S-020A Hazard Communication Program
S-004 Fall Protection Program S-020B Evacuation Procedures for City Buildings
S-005 Confined Space Program S-020C Spill Response Program
S-006 Safety Board of Inquiry S-021 Portable Fire Extinguishers Inspection, Maintenance and Use
S-007 Safety Training S-022 Fork Lift (Powered Industrial Trucks)
S-008 Work Procedures S-023 Cranes, Hoists, Derricks, Lifts and Slings
S-009 Lockout/Tagout S-024 Safety Signs and Accident Prevention Tags
S-010 Hot Work S-025 Machine Guarding
S-011 Ladders S-026 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
S-012 Hand and Power Tools S-027 Aerial Lift Devices for Personnel
S-013 Blue Stake Program S-028 ADOSH Inspections
S-014 Compressed Gas Handling S-029 Flammables & Combustible Liquids
S-015 Reserved (See H-004) S-030 CDL & Safety Sensitive Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Procedure
S-016 M.A.I.T.s Protocol S-031 Asbestos
S-017 Ground Fault Circuit Breakers S-032 Lead Containing Materials


Safety Directives
SD-001 MRSA Infection Control Guidance SD-007 Driving Policy
SD-002 Reserved SD-008 Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations
SD-003 Office Decorations SD-009 Reporting, Security and Disposal of Hazardous Materials or Firearms
SD-004 Reserved SD-010 Restraining Orders
SD-005 Safety Cans SD-011 Use of Light Sticks and/or Flares
SD-006 Reserved SD-012 Re-bar Caps


Industrial Hygiene Procedures
H-001 Respiratory Protection Program H-006 Tuberculosis (TB) Control Plan

H-002 Bloodborne Pathogens and Employee Exposure to Blood or OPIM,Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations

H-007 Hearing Conservation Program
H-003 Reporting Employee Exposure to a Chemical Substance  H-008 Reserved
H-004 Accident Reporting Procedures H-009 Reserved
H-005 Occupational Health Exams H-010 Reserved