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If you pay your fine using this Website, you are admitting responsibility for the violation(s). The Court will enter a judgment of "responsible". When applicable, the findings will be reported to the Motor Vehicle Division and points may be assessed to your driving record. Local Ordinance violations are not reported to the Motor Vehicle Division. Should you have any questions regarding whether or not this citation will be reported to the Motor Vehicle Division, please contact the court prior to making payment.
You must be paying on or before your arraignment(appearance) date.It takes the Court approximately two days to get citations entered into our system. If you receive a notification that your citation is not entered in our system please ensure it has been at least two days since your received your ticket. If two or more days have passed since you received your ticket, please contact the Court at (520)791-4216.
This application may only be used to pay off your total citation amount. We accept Visa and MasterCard
You may not pay for Traffic School(Defensive Driving School) at this site. To learn more about Traffic School, click here.