What is the Evacuation Plan?
The City of Tucson has a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan covering a wide range of emergency situations. Two major sections of this plan concern evacuation and sheltering (referred to as “Mass Care”). These two plans provide the City's emergency management guidance and instructions and serve as a mean of allocating resources, such as transportation. They are designed to accommodate emergency situations ranging from local incidents to mass evacuation or sheltering of large segments of the population.

Who will order an evacuation?
The Mayor of the City of Tucson will order an evacuation based on current conditions and advice from emergency personnel to initiate these plans.

Who will coordinate an evacuation?
The Tucson Police Department will coordinate and control an evacuation effort with the support of the Tucson Fire Department, City of Tucson Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security and other agencies.

What is the difference between an “ Emergency Pick-up Center ” and an “Emergency Shelter”?
An “emergency pick-up Center ” is a facility where citizens who need transportation during an evacuation will report. They will be picked up using busses and taken to a shelter or reception center.

An ”Emergency Shelter” is where evacuees are housed, fed and sleep until the danger has passed and they may return to their homes.

Do all evacuations necessitate leaving the City?
No, in fact, mass evacuation is the last resort. The objective of evacuation is to remove the population from the danger zone. Most evacuations will involve relocation to facilities within the City.

If I have to evacuate, can I bring my pet?
Our plan accommodates keeping families together and that includes pets. Every effort will be made to provide pet shelters. Generally, pets are not allowed in emergency shelters, with the exception of service animals.

Why does Tucson need to have an evacuation plan?
Preparing for public safety and security is an issue of impact, not event. The requirement to evacuate portions of the City or provide shelters could be the result of many types of incidents – either natural or man-made.

If the City is being evacuated, how and when will I be notified?
We plan on using the complete spectrum of media and notification means. For example, radio and TV stations will broadcast emergency information. We will also use the new automatic emergency notification system to help contact individuals via telephones, cell phones and pagers.

There is also a new site under development where you can register to be automatically notified of an evacuation.

What steps are being taken to avoid the gridlock experienced in evacuations from Texas and New Orleans?
One key aspect of evacuation route planning and execution is control. Evacuees will only be allowed to get on the designated evacuation routes at specific points. By controlling both the volume of traffic and ensuring that services, such as fuel and wreckers are available, we can maximize the flow of traffic on the evacuation routes.

If I have questions about emergency preparedness who can I contact for more information?
You can contact the City of Tucson Office of Emergency Management at (520) 837-8800 or through the City website at TOEMHS@tucsonaz.gov