What We Do

The City of Tucson’s Environmental Management Program (EMP) is comprised of a group of senior department representatives whose focus is to convene and implement proactive, comprehensive and collaborative environmental management tools to address environmental issues facing the City of Tucson.

Quarterly meetings are scheduled for the EMP group to assemble, and apply issue identification and problem-solving tools that can be used by employees to meet individual department’s environmental activities and needs. Staff evaluates the processes and procedures they use to manage environmental issues and incorporates strong operational controls, roles, and responsibilities into existing job descriptions and work instructions. The EMP integrates the environment into everyday business operations, and environmental stewardship becomes part of the daily responsibility for employees across the entire City organization.

Representatives from the larger departments form a Governing Board. The EMP GB meets monthly to set priorities, manage current incidents, and follow up on previous incidents.  The meetings usually include training, question and answer sessions, and informational updates.

The City’s EMP is an evolving, growing, changing program based on the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" model. This model leads to continual improvement based upon:

Planning, including identifying environmental aspects and establishing goals
Implementing, including training and operational controls
Checking, including monitoring and corrective action
Reviewing, including progress reviews and acting to make needed changes to the EMP.