Tucson Advantage ERP

Introduction / Overview

CGI Advantage® (Advantage®) is the City of Tucson’s Financial Information System.  Advantage® is business management software that allows the City to use a combination of integrated applications to manage its business functions. 

Advantage® uses an approach to financial management that allows users control financial resources, while being responsive to the challenges of modern public finance. Advantage® incorporates a variety of business areas, such as Budgeting, General and Cost Accounting, Asset Management, Accounts Payable/Receivable. This results in a single, integrated system that addresses the key financial management processes needed to conduct the business of the City.

The City has implemented five (5) major components of the CGI Advantage® application:

  1. CGI Advantage® Administration (ADM)
  2. CGI Advantage® Financial Management (FIN)
  3. CGI Advantage® Human Resource Management (HRM)
  4. CGI Advantage® Performance Budgeting (PB)
  5. CGI Advantage® InfoAdvantage Reporting

The City has performed an upgrade of the Advantage® application which includes configuration of new, additional functionality to the five (5) major components listed above.

ERP 3.11 Upgrade (pdf)