Advantage ERP FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is being upgraded?

The City of Tucson is performing a Technical Upgrade of its installation of the CGI Advantage® licensed products.  CGI will perform a technical upgrade of their CGI Advantage ERP application from Release 3.8.02 to Release 3.11.1.  An upgrade to the following major components will be implemented:

1.  CGI Advantage Financial Management

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Disbursement
  3. Fixed Assets
  4. Supported Browsers
  5. System-Wide Changes

2.  CGI Advantage Human Resources Management (HRM)

  1. Employee Self Service
  2. General HRM improvements
  3. Payroll Accounting Management
  4. Personnel Management Enhancements
  5. Position Control Enhancements
  6. System-wide Changes

3.  CGI Advantage Performance Budgeting (PB)

  1. Budget Formulization
  2. Chart of Accounts
  3. General Improvements
  4. Salary and Benefits Forecasting
  5. Security Improvements
  6. Utilities

4.  CGI InfoAdvantage Reporting

  1. Accounts Payable Universe
  2. Baseline Reports Enhancements
  3. Budget Universe Enhancements
  4. Chart of Accounts Enhancements
  5. Fixed Asset Universe
  6. InfoAdvantage Framework
  7. Procurement Solicitation Life Cycle Universe
  8. Universe and ETL Enhancements
  9. Universe Usability Enhancement


2.   How will this affect me?

The upgrade will result in the configuration of new, additional functionality. Some existing business processes will be upgraded, new business processes will be introduced, and some old business processes will sunset. Program screens will look different and there will be changes in page navigation.


3.  Will training be provided?

Yes.  In-person training will occur and on-line training materials will be provided in before the upgrade goes-live.


4.  Who should I contact with questions?

Questions from active employees should be directed to their respective department HR manager or payroll clerk. TSRS retirees should contact the TSRS Pension Office at (520) 791-4598.