Non-city Owned Landfills

To ensure the safety of the public and the environment by enforcing the City Ordinance No. 10037 dated September 13, 2004 pertaining to development near all landfills within the City limits. In addition, some of these landfills have had City involvement and therefore the City has conducted additional investigations.

Multiple landfills

Monitored Only Site

Groundwater Protection Project

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The following landfills: 29th Street, Broadway North, Cactus, Columbus, Dragoon, State Pit, and Walnut have had City involvement in the past but today are not owned by the City. Since these properties are currently owned by private interests, the City is not responsible for maintenance or landfill gas monitoring of them at the sites.

Additional Info
Where necessary, these landfills are routinely monitored for landfill gas by the private owner with results reported to the Tucson Fire Department as required under the City Landfill Ordinance #10037 adopted by the Mayor and Council on September 13, 2004.

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Monday Jul 1, 2019

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Project Details


  • March 2011
    The City completed the Comprehensive Landfill Investigation report. These landfills are discussed this report. This report is available in the report/attachment section of this website.


  • All Landfill Summary Table and Map
    Landfill information table and map for City Owned and/or Operated Landfills.
  • Comprehensive Landfill Investigation Final Report
    The City of Tucson, Environmental Services began the Comprehensive Landfill Investigation in 2000 to evaluate groundwater quality downgradient of landfills owned or operated by the City of Tucson which are not regulated by Sate or Federal Agencies. This is the final report. The text, tables, and figures of this report is available at this link. To review the full document contact the Environmental Services office at 520-791-3175.