Excellence in Safety

The Department of Environmental & General Services was given the ‘Excellence in Safety’ Award for 2017 by the City of Tucson’s Central Safety Office.  The award is given annually to the department based on the following  criteria:  decrease in number of injuries, decrease in number of collisions, and increase in total number of employees who complete the annual OSHA Safety Training.

This is the first year the merged department was eligible for consideration of the award. The General Services Department received the award in 2016. Nationally, the solid waste industry is considered one of the five most dangerous professions in the U.S.  The City of Tucson’s waste collection operators drive more than 1 million miles every year throughout streets and alleys in Tucson. It is a testament to the drivers’ skill and conscientious actions combined with the high level of safety standards set by General Services that enabled the department to achieve this accomplishment.