Relocation of Neighborhood Recycling Centers (NRC)

Neighborhood Recycling Centers (NRC) Relocation:

Beginning in late June, the City of Tucson Environmental and General Services Department will begin relocation and closure of several Neighborhood Recycling Centers (NRC) located throughout the City. 

Increased illegal dumping at the NRC sites has caused blight conditions that detract from parks visitors having a good experience and the reduced amount of recyclable materials at some of the existing sites outweigh the intended benefits of the current program.

The department will continue to support the continuation of drop-off recycling options consisting of one NRC site in each of the six City Wards. The NRC’s were established prior to the implementation of the City’s blue barrel residential recycling program.

The following NRC’s will be closing at the end of June:

  • Joaquin Murrieta Park
  • Morris K. Udall Park
  • Miller-Golf Links Library
  • Golf Links Sports Park
  • Kennedy Park
  • Booth-Fickett Magnet School
  • Jacobs Park
  • Himmel Park, north parking lot, on 1st St. east of Tucson Blvd.

The following NRC’s will remain open:

  • Mansfield Park, on 4th Ave., one block south of Grant Rd.
  • Ward 5 Council Office, 4300 S. Park Ave.
  • Patrick K. Hardesty Center, northwest corner of Alvernon Way & 22nd St.
  • Los Reales Landfill, 5300 E. Los Reales Rd.

New NRC Locations will open at the beginning of July at:

  • 1925 S. San Antonio Drive.
  • Eastside City Hall, 7575 E. Speedway
  • Ward 4 Office, 8123 E. Poinciana Dr.

Signs will be posted at each of the sites to notify users of the closure. The new locations will be established by July 1, 2017.


New and remaining NRC's can be found on the map below: