Groundwater Protection and Landfill Management

Your Groundwater Protection Fee Helps Us to Protect the Environment

Protecting Tucson’s groundwater is an important part of what the Environmental Services (ES) Department does to make sure our environment is safe and clean. ES spends $2.5 million each year to protect the community from environmental threats and public health and safety issues that can arise from the 23 old landfills in the City that the City, at one time, hauled to, owned, or operated. ES is responsible for maintenance, monitoring, and remediation at 16 of these landfills, addressing the groundwater, soil, stormwater, and methane gas issues that can occur at these sites.

Old landfills can contaminate our groundwater, potentially damaging our most precious natural resource. ES monitors 432 groundwater wells annually to assess the movement of contaminants in our groundwater at 16 landfill sites. ES also operates three groundwater treatment systems, cleaning 1.5 million gallons of contaminated groundwater daily.

ES monitors 588 methane gas wells and four gas extraction systems at certain closed landfills to ensure any gas generated does not leave the property. The gas extraction systems burn the gas on-site. Monitoring results are reviewed regularly and ES makes adjustments to the extraction systems as needed to control the gas generation.

Gases and other contaminants can build up in the soil at a landfill and become a problem. ES staff test soils regularly for contaminants and operates 72 soil vapor wells at closed landfills and has also removed or cleaned contaminated soils at landfills when necessary.

As a self-supporting, ‘enterprise fund’, ES must generate all operating funds through fees charged. The Groundwater Protection Fee funds the environmental protection services provided by ES.

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Groundwater Remediation Projects

Broadway-Pantano WQARF site
Comprehensive Landfill Investigation
Harrison Landfill
Irvington Landfill
Los Reales Landfill
Price Service Center
Rio Nuevo
Silverbell Landfill
TPD/TFD Underground Storage Tank
Tumamoc Landfill
Vincent Mullins Landfill