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The Rio Nuevo Project in Tucson will require development of areas where closed landfills exist. Development cannot occur atop these closed landfills until the waste buried beneath has degraded sufficiently that waste settlement and landfill gas generation are no longer a concern. Here in the desert southwest, this natural degradation process can take many decades. Environmental Services Engineering & Technical Support is assisting the Rio Nuevo Project by launching a pilot test project to accelerate this natural landfill degradation process.

Landfill Stabilization Pilot Test

Pilot landfill stabilization test site.In June 2001, Environmental Services Engineering & Technical Support was granted a temporary aquifer protection permit (APP) by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for the purposes of operating a landfill stabilization pilot test at the Nearmont landfill in the Rio Nuevo Project area.  The pilot landfill stabilization project involves injecting air and water into the buried refuse in order to accelerate the natural biodegradation of the landfill waste.

The objectives of this pilot landfill stabilization project are to:

  • demonstrate that in-situ aerobic degradation is feasible and cost effective for stabilizing the landfill within 3-5 years
  • demonstrate that the process can be operated safely to improve environmental conditions
  • collect site-specific data to design, construct, and operate a full scale project
  • determine the most efficient air and water delivery rates to maintain optimum degradation conditions

Following the successful demonstration of the landfill stabilization technology at the Nearmont Landfill (as documented in the Interim Technical Report listed below) another pilot project has been constructed at the Congress Landfill. The Congress Landfill site started operation in early 2003.

Rio Nuevo Documents Available for Download:

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