Tumamoc Landfill Groundwater Remediation

Tumamoc HillEnvironmental Services regularly monitors the groundwater quality at Tumamoc Landfill (Location Map pdf). The data shows the delineation of contaminants that include volatile organic compounds, such as tetrachloroethene (PCE), and the inorganic compound nitrate. PCE is an industrial solvent while nitrate may be associated with agricultural uses. The State of Arizona regulates both of these compounds.

The City of Tucson's water supply facilities are not affected by the groundwater contamination at the Tumamoc Landfill. Residents living in the area around the Tumamoc Landfill receive their water from either Avra Valley, west of the Tucson Mountains, or from other Tucson Water facilities located miles away from the landfill. Tucson Water regularly monitors all water delivered to customers to ensure it meets local, state, and federal drinking water standards.

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